31 Legendary Experiences That Make You A True Lahori

By Kashaf | 4 Dec, 2017

Being a Lahori is not just a right of passage, having lived in the city or having been born here. To be a true hardcore Lahori you need to embody the persona of Lahore, you need to have Lahore flowing through your veins and you need to eat, speak and sleep Lahore.

Here are some experiences that you will only have if you’re a true Lahori:


1. You’ve had food with a view of the Badshahi Masjid more times than you can count

source: lahoregalleria.blogspot.com


2. You’ve ventured into old Lahore and ended it with a late night dinner at purani Anarkali

source: formun.org


3. You have seen an actual stage drama at Alhamra

Source: nain.pk


4. You know which one is the actual authentic Butt Karahi

source: bestfoodslahore.blogspot.com


5. Getting stuck in the MM Alam Road/ Liberty traffic has become a norm for you

source: pakwheels.com


6. You have your preferred flavor of¬†Chaman’s

Mango ice cream, ftw

Source: Kashaf/Mangobaaz


7. Treasure hunting at Anarkali is an activity that you really look forward to

source: radio.gov.pk


8.¬†You’ve driven up and down MM Alam for an hour, deciding a place to eat but end up at Zouk

source: ibexmag.com


9. Spending a lazy weekend morning at Racecourse Park is one of your cherished memories

source: flickr.com


10. You know that gol gappay and samosa chaat from Regal is the best

source: paktive.com


11. Going to Hafeez Center to buy the new iPhone and having quarreled over car parking is something you still remember

source: panoramio.com


12. You’ve actually spent all your money at Gulberg Galleria

This could be for steaks at the Gun Smoke or blowing it up for an Elan outfit.

source: defence.pk


13. You’ve found some great¬†khussay and jhumkay in Liberty

source: bolee.com


14. And you’ve been fighting people over Alamgir vs Paradise cones

source: tossdown.com


15. Getting food poisoning from shawarmas in H-block is something that still never deters you from ordering Cock n’ Bull

source: Universal Pictures


16. You’ve been taunted for your Lahori accent

source: Pepe Jeans Pakistan


17. Eating peanuts on the terrace in the cold is your favorite winter pastime

source: Manalkhan / Flickr


18. Going to a rave on Bedian is a legend many have heard and only a few have experienced

via tumblr


19. Getting stuck on the discovery ride at Joyland is your biggest nightmare

source: lahoregalleria.blogspot.com


20. You love the rush for Mehndi and chooriyan on chand raat at Liberty market

source: tribune.com.pk


21. Breakfast at Gawalmandi is your favorite outing

source: paakistan.com


22. You take all your foreign relatives to Wagah Border

source: tribune.com.pk


23. Endless winter weddings is the most ULTIMATE Lahori experience

source: The Videographers / Youtube


24. Food Festivals

source: mediabites.com.pk


25. You know all the best¬†poondi outside Hotspot…and even better poondi at Mall 1

source: Dharma Productions


26. You love boasting about Lahore’s history

source: lahore.city-history.com


27. Taking a dip in the canal has been your biggest desires

source: lahoregalleria.blogspot.com


28. You absolutely LOVE eating grato with garam chai

via pinterest


29. Cussing out people during traffic jams in Punjabi makes you feel ALIVE

source: AN Entertainment


30. You still remember the beautiful Kalma Chowk that was before this “Paris¬†jaisa underpass”

source: walizahid.com


31. But what makes you a TRUE LAHORI is constantly arguing with Karachiites that Lahore is better

source: mangobaaz.com

So, are you a true Lahori?

cover image via: interamerica.org

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