This Is What Happens At Every Single Rave In Pakistan

By Astarte | 3 Jan, 2017

I’ve only been in Lahore a while, but I’ve managed to hop on the bandwagon of unfortunately witnessing the undying rave culture here. Raves here are starkly different to ones in London – here they’re more untamed and wild.

I’m not much of a raver myself, I’m more inclined towards being a people observer (it’s not that creepy come on now) and raves have interestingly become an outlet for me to unleash my inner weirdness and…well…perch myself in the corner and slyly observe humans in their wildest form in the rave jungle.

There’s a consistent pattern with most raves. It’s also like high school all over again, where you step into the canteen brimming with all your cliques.

It’s exhausting being such a diligent people-watcher, it really is.


1. You’ll see more security around there, than at The White House.

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2. The rave will always be in some alienated farmhouse where it feels like you’re driving to your imminent death, further and further away from the city to what looks like a wasteland.

*Cue Texas chainsaw massacre wala jumping out in front of your car*

texas chainsaw massacre
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3. An incredibly shady looking insaan who arranged the whole event, so naturally has the right to intimately peer into every single car at the entrance.

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4. The pungent smell of weed lingering in the air as soon as you step foot into the venue, will violate your nostrils.

the simpsons reactions psychedelic homer weed
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5. You’ll see everyone wearing sunglasses, meaning you’re automatically riding the rave on a higher wave.

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6. Neon lights overdose. You’ll need one for it to serve as the only light other than your iPhone torch.

dance comedy tv show the office dwight schrute
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7. You’ll find the odd few dressed up like it’s Halloween.

CraveTV workaholics party weekend rave
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8. There’s always that one crazy chick who’s dancing a little too provocatively.

She’ll be with everyone’s man (and bandi), more drunk than a gora at a New Year’s Party.

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9. Don’t forget the couple who have no concept of limit and’ll start a lover’s spat right in the middle of the rave.

parks and recreation wedding ron swanson megan mullally nick offerman
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10. Almost everyone’ll be slithering on the floor a few hours in, endlessly searching for some water.

sad parks and recreation death parks and rec sick
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11. There’ll be the teens acting cool by sneaking in much to their parentals’ oblivion.


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12. There’s always someone famous there trying to act lowkey, sandwiched between their entourage.

I’ve managed to spot politicians’ nephews who aren’t exactly behaving in the most appropriate manner.


13. Then you have the one person who is always throwing up.

God forbid they simmer down on all the drinking.

HULU tv parks and recreation nbc amy poehler
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14. And the guy who always takes off his shirt in eagerness


15. And then some idiot will decide to bring a gun and ruin everyone else’s good time by killing someone

Source: A Band Apart


Do you have some crazy rave stories?


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