Dear Men, Here's A Fool Proof Way To Turn Your Crush Into Your Bae

By Astarte | 16 Aug, 2019

Your bae awaits you at the end of this post, boys

When we put out the guide on how women can ‘acquire’ the men they love, we realized that there are a lot of mardaana nakaam aashiq around, as well. And because, here at MangoBaaz, we cater to everyone’s love lives, we’re here with another guide for the gents. So dear men, we’ve got your backs. So if you love any ladies, and if you’re tired of using failed pick up lines, again and again, here’s all you need to know in order to get your girl to actually ghaas dalo you:


1. Listen to your bae

First off, you need to be all ears, when she’s talking. Yes, I know she’ll talk a lot. About everything and anything from what Sumera said about her to Ansa and what Ansa had to say back to the fact that her nail color didn’t match her clothes that day and she had severe OCD (don’t roll your eyes, girls, you know we do this sometimes). Always be there to listen to her.

2. Compliment Her

Chances are, she’s putting a lot of effort in to look good for you. And even if you don’t notice anything, just tell her she looks nice.

3. Support her in whatever she does

Whether you think it’s silly, whether you think it’ll fail, long-term, if she’s asking for support, give it to her.


4. Take care of yourself, while you’re at it

Women, in general, are attracted to men that show them they can take care of themselves. This includes everything from smelling good, keeping your body feeling and looking strong and healthy, to knowing how to cook basic food. It suggests self-confidence, and a respect for yourself (which is attractive, trust me, I’m a girl)

5. When you’re together, focus on her

Make her feel like you’re the only two people, even if you’re in a crowded place. Don’t let your eyes wander, keep your phone aside, and please, don’t check other women out.

your bae at restaurant

6. Grow your love for her

You don’t have to wait for an occasion to get her a bunch of flowers, or even one. My dada, without fail for 45 years, used to bring my dadi a single motia ka phool every day, on his way back from his morning walks. Every. Single. Day.

giving flowers to your bae

7. Be her knight in shining armor

Look out for her and try to save the day when you can.

Source: Showcase productions


8. Don’t be serious all the time

Get her to feel comfortable around you by showing your funny side. Girls like (love) a good sense of humor in a guy. Just don’t channel your inner Johnny Lever…

laugh face

9. Get in with the fam

Woo her family and friends, too. They’re the first people who will tell her, and convince her, of your worthiness. And if they say no, phir tau aap gaye, beta.

bae and family

10. Show your bae your sensitive side 

There’s no shame in being emotional or giving her a glimpse of your sensitive side. You don’t have to be macho and strong all the damn time, it’s exhausting.

Source: IRK Films


11. Go missing for a while

I’m going to sound like an asshole, now, but..zuroori hai. You need to spend some time away from her and make her miss you for a bit.

rowing away from your bae

12. Surprise your bae every now and then

Girls, women, ladies, females. They all love surprises. In fact, they practice their surprised faces in the mirror, close to their birthdays. So slip a note in her bag, leave her a random voice note if you have access to her phone, change her wallpaper to a picture of you two together (but be careful you don’t get her in trouble). Surprises don’t necessarily have to be full blown parties with hats and balloons. The little things count.

hand in hand

13. Please don’t make her jealous of all the female attention you get

That’s just horrible. Even if she does it. Your love for her needs to be strong enough to not need any other factors in order to prove it.

love figures

14. Take care of your bae when she’s unwell

A care package, a get well note, a head massage, bringing her takeout, anything works. This goes a long long way when it comes to wooing your girl.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions



It will never feel like the right time to declare your love for her. What’s the worst that can happen? She says no. But if she says yes. Socho zara. And in most cases, sahi time ke intezaar mein waqt hi nikal jata hai aur ya tau uska rishta aajaye ga or someone else will come in and woo her.

ring present your bae

Do you have any other tested tareeqas to woo your women? Because these ones are pretty damn certified.


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