Here's Why Kolachi is My All-Time Favorite Restaurant In Karachi

By Saad Zubair | 24 Oct, 2017

Every Pakistani city prides itself for the food offerings they have. There have been serious debates, discussions and even fights over the kind of food every city boasts of. After all, we’re a food loving country.


This Karachi restaurant has got to be the best food joint in the city by the sea

Kolachi is the ultimate trip to food heaven where you get the ultimate in cuisine, pampering and customer service. Better yet, it’s by the sea so no better place to spend quality time with your significant other or to propose to one too!

Source: Kolachi (spirit of Karachi)/ Facebook

Going to Kolachi Do Darya is a ritual. As I live far from this sea-side establishment, the other side of the Clifton Bridge mind you, I really have to plan the trip with my friends.


I am already dreaming of the Peshawari Karahi and Lahori Fried Fish and literally drooling all over the keyboard

The following review is based upon multiple visits including the last one just a month back.

Source: Kolachi (spirit of Karachi)/ Facebook

Kolachi at Do Darya is a place where you actually feel like home. Now it’s even better thanks to a Standard Chartered ATM. Just in case you guys forget, plastic isn’t accepted but you can always get cash from right inside the establishment. Now, the minute you enter Kolachi you’re treated like royalty. It’s best to reserve beforehand so you can get the sweet spot besides the sea.


It’s the ultimate view and when your significant other is staring at you with those romantic eyes, what more do you want?

You’re already in heaven and man the food is finger-lickin’ good. If I had my way, I’d eat there every day. The usual awesomeness is the Karahi. Whether its mutton, white, chicken or the Peshawari one, you can’t go wrong.

Source: Kolachi (spirit of Karachi)/ Facebook

Now on to my other favorites. Chicken Behari Boneless and Hunzai kebabs are a must have. Lahori Fried fish should be among the starters and it even serves as a main course with others and that’s how I prefer it. All of these are simply mouth-watering and will keep you begging for more. Each dish was succulent, cooked piping hot and generous in serving. One dish was easily enough for two to share and if there are more in your party, you can order as desired.

Other options include Chicken Malai Boti and the Makhni Handi. I’ll be honest.


The entire menu is awesome and worth trying out a different dish on each visit.

Source: Kolachi (spirit of Karachi)/ Facebook

For drinks, I like the Lemon Mint Glacier, which is just freshly made Mint Lemonade. To those who are health conscious, make sure to tell the server that the drink should be made fresh without syrup and 7-UP. Otherwise, it’s just another fizzy drink with lemon and mint flavoring.

I give five stars on food but you have to hand it to the management. You get pampered way too many times during your meal. Serves and managers are constantly coming to you to ask how the food is. You even get asked at least twice on your way out. If your food didn’t turn out the way you liked it, the management takes special care of you. You’ll get your dish replaced or perhaps a discount or something that will make your experience better. These guys really care about us foodies and their customer service is excellent. I’ve never gotten better pampering anywhere else. Sometimes, it can be a bit annoying but I’d take more pampering over less any day.


Kolachi has too much competition on that strip and yet it manages to stand out

Charcoal, Kababjees, Ambala, Sajjad, and the new Dewan-e-Khaas along with other joints offer different yet similar menus but Kolachi tops it with service and overall experience. The last time I was at Charcoal, my friends and I had a special surprise visit from a cockroach in the Beef Karahi. The management compensated but we never experienced any such roach visits at Kolachi. Excellent, clean food under the moonlight and next to the sea is as heavenly as it gets.

Kolachi is ideal for hangouts with friends, families but even better for a romantic date outing. Take your fiance, bae or spouse there and they’ll love you forever. It’s tried and tested by yours truly!

Source: Kolachi (spirit of Karachi)/ Facebook

Kolachi is known as the Spirit of Karachi and it truly captures the spirit of the only major port city of the country…Gwadar isn’t there yet.

MangoBaaz readers, do yourself a favor and go to Kolachi, if you haven’t yet. You can thank me later.


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