This Is Why Johnny Bravo Is The Original Pindi Boy

By Arslan Athar | 31 Aug, 2016

Johnny Bravo was a cartoon character that thought he was the shit. He was disturbingly obsessed with women and every episode of the show was about him chasing them down and getting them to go on dates with him. However poor old Johnny was the only one who thought he was pretty awesome because all the girls he went up to would beat him up. It was either that or he’d get dates with vampires and zombies.

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The thing is, this disproportionately built man (who clearly never believed in leg day) with his pagalpan would be the perfect tharki man. How, you ask? Let’s examine the evidence.


He has a lot of love to give

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Johnny Bravo is a guy who loves to love. Look at him in this photo. Just like our Desi Bwoiz, “all he is wants your ‘fraandship'”. And usually, just like our boys, he is almost always turned down.


He knows how to appreciate beauty

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When Johnny sees a beautiful girl walking down the street, he feels it’s his obligation to admire her gorgeousness.


He‘s persistent

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When Johnny sets his eyes on an incredible beauty, he will do anything in his power to get her. He wouldn’t be afraid to go to extremes such as line maarna, follow karna, apna number parchi pe likh kar gaari mein phenkna.


He’s been into selfies before they even got cool

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It was back in the 90’s when Johnny discovered and totally fell in love with the humble selfie. He was proven to be one who doesn’t shy away from pouts, crazy poses and @\/\/E$0/\/\E (read: awesome) captions.


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He has his priorities set in life

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All his dreams, goals and aspiration can be summarized into one word: women. Sound like some people you may know?


His love for himself knows no bounds

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In his head, no one is more buff, boss or saaein than he is. He is the ultimate man, and he needs to have all the women. It’s clear to see where the Pindi Bwois get it from.


He loves to show off his ‘moves’

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All he needs is his jam to come on. Like our own desi boyz who started ‘dancing’ as soon as the latest *ahem* song is on.


He attracts attention to himself

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Johnny Bravo exudes a “Look at me” attitude. That isn’t too far away from our boyzes and their interesting (to say the least) outfits.


Rejection doesn’t stop him

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Nothing stops this guy, may it be water being splashed on his face


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or endlessly being beat up by women,


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Every. Damn. Time.


Apne boys ke tarah, the fear of rejection doesn’t exist for Johnny. Although our boys have it easier than Johnny does, women here just don’t beat them up because they are ghairatmand boys. But ladies, you know what to do, now (you’re welcome).


He goes to extremes, sometimes

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Johnny is willing to do anything to get the ladies. Probably the only thing our boys lack is his dedication to the cause. Oh well, in time maybe they too shall learn.


His hair is always on point 

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He is obsessed with always looking his absolute best! Our Pindi Boys are the same, you know when they check themselves out on your car windows, even though they know you’re inside.


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He has many talents

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Besides being super hot, Johnny Bravo has a multitude of more talents he can show off. He uses them to impress every girl he sets his eyes on (even though just his looks are enough to floor them).


His pickup lines will make your heart go flutter flutter

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Boys, hope you’re taking this all down because this is all GOLD. No matter how hard you try you can never reach the Johnny Bravo standard.


Now that all the evidence is out there, it seems pretty convincing that Mr.Bravo was the original tharak. Thanks to him we have a creep problems, for that we will be eternally indebted to the original pindi boy.


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