Here's The Complete Guide On How Not To Fall For The Wrong Guy

By Haadia Paracha | 22 Jan, 2016

Are you falling for the wrong guy?

Growing up with fables and fairy-tales, girls these days walk around with their heart on their sleeves. As if that isn’t a recipe for disaster as it is, somehow they also have the tendency to fall for the biggest college bad-boy. After all, every girl has to have THAT perfect Disney-meets-Humsafar kind of a happy ending.

Keeping that in mind, we made a complete guide on how not to fall for the wrong guy so you don’t end up listening to NFAK ghazals after this Valentine’s Day…


1. If he tells you he’s into you in a week, don’t buy it.

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Guys who are actually interested in you take time to get to know you, peel off all the extra layers of your personality before they declare their feelings. If he’s just blurting it out, let that ring off an alarm or two.


2. If he’s constantly mean to you/teases you.

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We’re sorry, but the guy who doesn’t give two shits about your feelings is not the one for you. Kindness goes a long way. The silly idea that the guys who are mean to you actually secretly like you is actually pretty darn incorrect unless they’re douchebags, in which case, ain’t nobody got time for that.


3. If he calls you ‘yaar‘, ‘oye‘ or ‘bro‘.

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Nicknames are cute but rarely when they continuously highlight the friend-zone. While you’re crushing over him, he’s probably just fooling around and that’s pretty much setting yourself up for heartbreak.


4. If he talks to you about other girls.

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He’s not that into you if he’s casually bringing up other girls in the equation. Move along. Don’t fall completely in love with the way his nose wrinkles when he smiles while he’s showing you pictures of “your bhabhi“.


5. If he calls you ‘moti‘.

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On a basic principle, a guy should make you feel good about yourself, not the opposite. Occasionally while being playful is okay but you don’t want him throwing in the word ever-so-often. As if we’re not self conscious as it is, no one needs a reminder.


6. If he makes rape jokes, it’s best to assume he is the wrong guy.



Just. No.

7. If he doesn’t pay attention to details.

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Even the biggest knobs go the extra mile for the girl they like. If he’s not, you’re not it. So, use this as a thumb rule and if he doesn’t remember your favorite restaurant or the way you like your eggs, puff puff pass.


8. If he isn’t a gentleman, he is most definitely the wrong guy


A guy who doesn’t hold doors for people or isn’t respectful is a major NO. Since when did chivalry die?


9. If he hates pets.

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According to statistics, people with pets are more likely to be giving in relationships as they care for animals only expecting affection in return.


10. If he’s rude to the wait-staff.


We strongly urge you to cut this guy out of your life if he’s rude to the wait-staff. Plain and simple. Not only is it completely unacceptable to look down on people but this also gives you an insight on his mammoth of an ego. Discriminating against people based on size of their pocket is just petty. Hell to the no.


11. If his car is a total mess, he’s probably the wrong guy


So, there’s dust all over the wind shield, mud stains on the tires, tissue balls and empty McDonald’s take-out bags sitting in the car while he comes to pick you up? If that’s the way he treats his first wife, God help you.


12. He’s definitely the wrong guy if he’s married to his phone.

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First off, it’s plain rude to be on your phone when you’re spending time with someone and a guy who takes your time for granted is definitely not your scene. You want to be with someone who treats you with the respect and attention you deserve.


13. Yet he goes missing for days.

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It’s one thing to be busy but completely unrealistic if the person can’t take out a minute to text or call. Unless he’s POTUS, there’s no excuse for that. Hell, not even POTUS pulls that kind of stunts on Michelle Obama. And that doesn’t mean you need him to walk you through every single thing he does the entire day but popping in just to check on you isn’t half bad.


14. He’s the wrong guy if he takes waaaaaaaayyy too many selfies.


Okay, we get it. The internets have made us all slightly too narcissistic but some guys are too obsessed with the way they look and want to show it off. If his Instagram is legit full of selfies from every event he’s ever been to, he’s probably only always going to talk about himself. Trust us, there’s nothing sexier than an average looking guy with zero insecurities about the way he looks.

At the end of the day, you’re going to be careless with your heart regardless of what people say BUT make sure you do yourself justice and put yourself before any of them bae(s).



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