15 Pickup Lines That Are Totally Halal In Ramazan

15 Pickup Lines That Are Totally Halal In Ramazan

Ramazan is in its full swing. Even though the shaitaan is supposed to be behind the bars for this month, we do have a lot of his chailas roaming around ( stink eye to you Amir Liaqaut)  providing us sasti entertainment.

One of the biggest problems that us Musalmaans endure in Ramazan, apart from bhooka rehna, is how to halal-fully talk to them brothers-in-deen after tarawih or that beautifully hijab-clad saath wali aunty ki beti who brings you iftaari once in a blue moon.

Oh and before we move on to anything else, please, just please don’t do the following because apart from getting your roza makru, you’ll sure as hell lose any chance you got:

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So back to important things, we have compiled for you all the halal ways you can ask out your crushes in Ramazan or at least give them a hint:


1. Like this early morning riser



2. Sehri is always a good time to ask a sleepy person



 3. While this one’s walking a close line between halal and haram



4. Set your priorities, let ’em know how important they are



5. It’s not true love if you don’t compare your better half with iftaar



6. Let them know in quite un-subtle ways of what you are after



7. Let them know of your affection in true musalmaan swag



8. Involve the rishtaydaars if you want to get things done on urgent basis 



9. This namazi has some smooth moves



10. Let the bright light of your halal bae shine on you



11. Let them know you are in for the long-term, no haram activities for you



12. Or seek them in heaven



13. Show bae that you have their well being at heart



14. This one can wait for you all day just like they wait for their roza



15. Finally, if all else fails, try the mehram card



We do hope you use these pickup lines for your benefit but please remember if the apple of your eye says NO, accept it and move on. God knows we Pakistanis need to realize the meaning of consent.

Other than that happy halal flirting 😛


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