Izzah And Altamash Are The Latest Pakistani Drama Couple Everyone’s Obsessing Over And We Can Totally See Why

By Iman Zia | 22 Apr, 2019

As ‘Anaa’ unfurled onto my screen, I’ve found myself rooting for two estranged lovebirds who are honestly so beautiful together on-screen it hurts my soul – Izza and Altamash (played by Naimal Khawar Khan and Usman Mukhtar), two stunning exotic parrots who just need to fly off into a fading sunset together and live happily ever after TB VERY H.


Let me summarise these two soulmates’ love story really quick for y’all:

While we’re witness to a lot of pain and turmoil in ‘Anaa’ for its characters, there is always a sturdy glimmer of hope projected over the debacle of human heartache – while its two protagonists Daneen (Hania Aamir) and Areesh (Shehzad Sheikh) have a very difficult romance that we won’t get into, we get a treat with two other characters who have more scope to be together; Izza, who is Daneen’s cousin and Altamash who is Daneen’s brother. They’ve always hated each other, but it’s all just an array of surface-y emotions; they love each other, and it’s SO FREAKING OBVIOUS!




Fans are already rooting for Izza and Altamash, and I am too.

Daneen and Areesh’s storyline has become a recycled trope, but Izza and Altamash have such a different, complex dynamic – they aren’t together because of so many twists and turns within their family that’s got them hanging onto each other by barely a thread.



If you want a quick rundown of all their gorgeous moments together, (which you do) read this Twitter thread:


It took one particular scene in ‘Anna’ between Izza and Altamash that had me keeling over from a sudden burst of feels…

It was only a dizzying downfall for me as a fan/shipper/stan (what have you may) from then on:

Altamash has always been very involved in Izza’s life and has always asserted a voice of reason in every decision she makes – only because he CARES ABOUT HER SO FREAKING MUCH!

From intimate little moments of sending Izza some comfort soup, to worrying that a new job for Izza is not in her best interest, Altamash is honestly such a beauty. And while Izza might always treat him a bit harshly, she really does love him – the problem lies in the fact that both these little idiots just don’t know how to be more direct with their love for each other (family issues getting the best of both of them).





The drama has been building suspense for the two characters very admirably because it’s got us all HOOKED whenever they interact!




We wrap up with the most valid tweet about the two lovers EVER:


Are you a fan of ‘Anaa?’ If you aren’t watching it for Izza and Altamash, then what are you doing with your life? 🙂


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