People Have Fallen In Love With Hania Aamir's New Drama “Anaa” And We Can See Why

By Iman Zia | 26 Mar, 2019

New drama ‘Anaa’ has struck chords with drama fans, and after binge-watching Hania’s new show in one night, I can see why so many have taken to it. The drama marks the return of Hania to television after her rather mediocre stint in ‘Vishaal,’ and needless to say ‘Anaa’ has really given the actress the competitive edge she needed to peddle her career on the drama forefront. Hania stars as Daneen, an intrepid and unapologetic young girl who dictates her own life – a progessive character that serves as a breath of fresh air amidst the usual girls we’re inclined to hone in our serials.


Hania glistens the screen as the valliant Daneen, a girl who fears little and isn’t afraid to stand for what’s right. Her on-screen love interest is played by the dashing Shehzad Sheikh (Areesh) – but it’s not the usual love story trope we’re so used to experiencing.

Shehzad is fantastic at emoting such softness as Areesh, and his compatibility with Daneen has been portrayed magnificently by director Shahzad Kashmiri – it’s never overtly done, and there is a strong sense of realism dappled on their estranged love story. I won’t give much more away so as not to spoil ‘Anaa,’ but I promise you their kahaani is simply magnificent.

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The drama is already six episodes in, and the real success of ‘Anaa’ lies in the way it manages to weave together deeply entrenched family problems with stereotypical views on women.

You can’t help but relate deeply to not just Daneen, but also Areesh and at times, Daneen’s brother (played by the versatile Usman Mukhtar). Plenty of fans believe that this is by far Hania’s best piece of work and I couldn’t agree more. The second she pops up on screen and displays an amalgamate of painful feelings is when you know Hania really has stripped away all pretense for the role.

Source: MD Productions


Here’s what fans have to say about ‘Anaa,’ in particular reference to the latest episode!



Many have praised Hania’s character and how she handles all the pain that life throws at her (the drama is quite the tear-fest, I warn you).


The last episode was pivotal, and Hania’s acting was BRILLIANT!



Fans also have really fallen for two potential lovebirds, Izza and Altamash (I have too, I can’t help myself rooting for them).







The dialogues have been very well written, and the narrative has remained incredibly engaging thus far…the details that ‘Anaa’ provides in such beautiful interactions is what sets the drama apart.




There are many themes that shine in ‘Anaa,’ especially what it means to behold a true friendship.


The OST has been lauded by many, and when it is put into context it only reinforces the beauty of it.



The love ‘Anaa’ has received has even triggered those not watching the drama to give it a chance!



So, what are you waiting for? Give ‘Anaa’ a chance – Hania is superb in it.


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