Indian Media Is Still Desperately Trying To Prove Balakot Strikes And Everyone Thinks It's Actually Really Sad Now

By Noor | 10 May, 2019

India’s desperation for a “win” post-Pulwama is not unknown. Their claim of conducting Balakot strikes in response to their belief that Pakistan conducted the Pulwama attack was mocked by the whole world. The false Indian claims have been rejected by ALL but it seems like the Indians did NOT have enough thus they are back at it again. Keep reading for some more details.


We all know how this “airstrike” at Balakot by India hurt our trees

Pakistan even petitioned the United Nations against this eco-terroism by India.


But apparently Indian media is STILL trying to prove that Balakot strikes actually happened even after the whole world basically proved it didn’t

Now, Indian channels are using the work of some Italian journalist to provide evidence for the Indian air strike which in reality NEVER happened.

According to Indian media, the Italian journalist has stated that Pakistani efforts to deceive the world on the Indian airstrikes on the terrorist camp have failed and small details have begun to appear.

The Italian journalist apparently went on to say that she can confirm that the camps were destroyed and the ‘terrorists’ were killed. She further mentioned that the injured terrorists were treated in the local hospitals and now most of them have lost their lives. She claimed the death toll was approximately 170.


Here’s the statement made by the Italian journalist, who claims to have a few shocking revelations about the alleged Balakot airstrikes


People can’t believe that India STILL can’t get over the fake surgical strike claims


They mentioned that, with the way things were going, India might keep on justifying their false claims till the end of times


Indians themselves rejected the ‘Italian research’ and asserted that the story was full of loopholes

They said that the author has not ever visited the strike area. They even asked the author why the information was released post-seventy days of the attack and that too in the middle of Indian elections.


A few tried to remind Indian media of the statement made by Sushma Swaraj which said that no Pakistani was killed by the Balakot airstrike


People even said that the India has mastered the art of  fooling its own people


People said that it’s hilarious that Indian groups are clamoring to extract political gains in the elections

It seems that India can NEVER learn its lessons, they will just keep on making up stories and that too without doing their ‘homework’. They are adamant to prove an incident which never occurred.

So, is it an effort to gain political advantage? What do you think about this whole thing? Let us know in the comments below.


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