The World Thinks Pakistan's Plan To Complain Against India For Eco-Terrorism Is The Best Troll Move Ever

By Sannia Bilal | 3 Mar, 2019

Eco-terrorism is the buzzword but is it just Pakistan’s way of trolling India?


After the massacre that took place at the district of Pulwama in Occupied Kashmir, tensions swirled through the air between the two arch-foes because India believed it was Pakistan’s fault. India retaliated by crossing the LOC where they claimed that they had killed 300 plus terrorists but turns out, they had only hurt trees.


India’s LOC violation that hurt our trees was noticed and called out by everyone


And for most people, that was a funny thing


But, Pakistan will be officially lodging a complaint against India for eco-terrorism because it hurt forest lands in Pakistan

Climate Change Minister Malik Amin Aslam said there is an environmental assessment under process since the Indian jets had bombed a “forest reserve”, which will be the foundation of the complaint at the United Nations and other forums.

As mentioned by the government minister, Pakistan plans to put forth a complaint against India at the United Nations where we will be laying charges against India for “Eco-terrorism” over the airstrikes that caused damage to a number of pine trees.


The United Nations actually has a law that states, “destruction of the environment, not justified by military necessity and carried out wantonly, is clearly contrary to existing international law”, pertaining to the U.N. General Assembly resolution 47/37.



A lot of people think that this is on some level is Pakistan’s way of trolling India


Some were quite amused by the idea


Others couldn’t help mention how our PM gets sentimental about trees

After his million and billion tree tsunamis being a rare campaign anywhere in the world, Imran Khan is thought of as someone who really does care about the wellbeing of trees and the environment at large.


And the idea was appreciated by many


But some critics said that there are better things that need to be discussed at the UN

Whether or not this is a troll move by Pakistan remains a secret to us but what’s important to understand is that this move is going to set a very important precedent in international law. Climate change and the depleting ecosystem is possibly the biggest concern that goes unnoticed. If this move does go to the UN, it will allow for a very important discussion on how human encroachment during wars and military conflict affects the environment.

So good move, Pakistan!


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



Cover image via: @nypost / Twitter

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