Imran Khan Just Called Bilawal Zardari A Bigger Scientist Than Einstein

By Sarmad Amer | 18 Nov, 2019

Imran Khan mocked Bilawal Zardari for his comments about the rain

Pakistani politicians have a knack for being ruthlessly savage to each other for everything other than actual policies. It’s very easy for our leaders to joke about their opponents for their gender, sexuality or even the way someone speaks. So of course our Prime Minister took a recent opportunity to troll the Chairman of the opposing PPP while at an event.


Prime Minister Imran Khan just mocked Bilawal Zardari while giving a speech at the inauguration of the Hazara motorway

While at the inauguration ceremony for the Havelian-Mansehra section of the Hazara motorway, PM Khan gave a speech. In his remarks he went after the opposition parties, particularly the JUI-F for the dharna which he referred to as a “circus of containers”.

While going after the opposition parties, he also trolled Bilawal Zardari for his comments that the PPP leader made when the rain caused flooding in Karachi, recently.

In other remarks made at the inauguration ceremony during his speech PM Khan also taunted the Azadi March members for calling off their dharna too soon. While talking about himself, the Prime Minister said if there’s an expert on dharnas he’s standing in front of you.


While the crowd received the trolling with a thunderous applause, people on social media are divided about Imran Khan mocking Bilawal Zardari

Many people find it really funny, particularly the way PM Khan mocked Bilawal’s style of speaking


Others are calling it unbecoming a Prime Minister that Imran Khan mocked Bilawal Zardari


Feeling the burn, Bilawal Zardari retorted after all the trolling from the Prime Minister


People reminded Bilawal of all the times he also passed cheap comments about the Prime Minister


Such “funny” comments sure do serve as a good fodder for political supporters on each side to troll the other but as politicians, especially for leaders of their respective parties, it’s rather pathetic for Imran Khan and Bilawal to behave the way that they are.

This is not the first time Imran Khan trolled Bilawal, earlier during a speech he called Bilawal sahiba, apparently taunting the PPP leader for his effeminate style. Similarly, Bilawal has also not let any opportunity go for taking cheap shots at the Prime Minister. Such playground potshots are best left in the playgrounds, coming from the mouths of political leaders and adults they just make these politicians appear as terribly juvenile.


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