Salman Ahmad Just Went On A Rant Trying To Defend Imran Khan’s “Sahiba” Comments And Pakistanis Are SAVAGE With Their Comebacks

By Biya Haq | 25 Apr, 2019

Yikes, these burns are heavy.

You all may recall the events of yesterday, having to do with Imran Khan.

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And for those of you who haven’t heard the news, Imran Khan referred to Bilawal Bhutto as ‘Bilawal Sahiba’ in a public gathering in South Waziristan. The sexist comments were not only made in poor taste, but heavily criticised by people all over the country.

Like, v heavily.

And while most Pakistanis immediately condemned the use of the term, a few Imran supporters couldn’t help but defend him. One in particular, being quite famous.

Musician turned politician, Salman Ahmad came to Imran’s defence for his speech yesterday,

And has since gotten a SHIT ton of hate for it.


Also what does that statement even mean!?!?! Feminine side of human beings? Are you joking? Is this a joke, Salman? Like bro. No. If you want to defend him at least do so with a proper tweet.

Either way, people are coming in with guns BLAZING.

Lol, ten points for creativity^.

Imran’s comments on Bilawal have made national headlines with it being a topic of discussion for news anchors and talk show hosts all over the nation. Pakistanis as a whole have been putting down Imran for his comments and low standard, not expecting their own leader to speak in this way.

However, there are people like Salman Ahmad, who have been taking it upon themselves to stand up for Imran and his notions towards Bilawal. Salman Ahmad is doing whatever he needs to do and he is well within his right to say whatever he wants to say on Twitter, but lol, it truly does make him look like quite the idiot.

We all can say, without taking any kind of political stance, that calling Bilawal a female on national television was in poor taste for a Prime Minister. There is not much else to it than that. It was foolish of Imran and hopefully in the future, we won’t have another incident like this again.

Have you seen Salman’s comments? What’d you think? Let us know in the comments below. Love you.

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Cover photo source: Telenews/ The News International 

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