This Boy's Viral Opinion On Pakistan And Kashmir Has People Thinking He's Our Future PM

By Fatima A | 1 Sep, 2019

A kid shared his opinion about Pakistan and Kashmir and people believe he could be our future PM.

As we all know, recently, to express outrage against the atrocities committed against Kashmiris by the Indian government, and to display solidarity with the people of the region, Prime Minister Imran Khan called forth a nationwide protest.

A 30-minute Kashmir Solidarity Hour was announced which involved sirens being sounded in the entire country along with the playing of the national anthems of Azad Jammu and Kashmir plus Pakistan. During this time period, all traffic and trains were commanded to be at a standstill.

While an awe-inspiring gesture of solidarity, this gathering had a fair share of the public rightfully questioned the effectiveness of this protest. One such individual is a young boy, currently going viral on the internet for putting forth his political stances and viewpoints in a seriously impressive manner.

The inspiring video featuring him voicing his concerns and also providing solutions for the Kashmir situation will definitely reignite your faith in the future of our country.

When questioned about his opinion on the Kashmir Solidarity Hour, the young boy started off by explaining the economic inequity at play which dwindled the effectiveness of the movement. He explained that Pakistan and Kashmir need to recognize that the entire world is forced to trade with India since it has created a global lobby for trading. Till Pakistan parallels this trading quota, it can’t expect to have its issues be highlighted on a parallel setting to that of India.

According to him, until Pakistan is able to defeat India economically, it won’t be able to convince the rest of the world to risk upsetting India in order to side with it.

Thus, he elaborated that while protests do have a positive impact at times, a better approach for Pakistan would be to focus on its economy, So, Pakistan’s priority should be economic progress in order to resolve any of its other issues.

Source: Ali Aman Tarar/Facebook

Instead of calling forth an unwarranted organization of war, the young boy gave a far more practical solution.

He explained how Pakistan’s aggressive policy might have greater chances of hurting Kashmir rather than helping its case, as intervention by Pakistan aggravates the situation in Kashmir since it induces aggression in India which they let out on Kashmiris. Thus, the major victim of this altercation is Kashmiri.

The young even called out the United Nations and it’s double standards when asked about his thoughts on the organization and its silence over the Kashmir issue.

He also spoke candidly about his faith in the current government of Pakistan regarding their ability in helping Kashmir and improving the economy.

Gepostet von Waqas Ahmed am Freitag, 30. August 2019


Although he admitted that PM Imran Khan was a good leader, he called him out for not recognizing the basic problem of Pakistan- military intervention in civil issues. 

When asked on his opinion on the recent award bestowed upon Indian PM Modi by the UAE, the young man calmly explained how it was merely a necessitation of trade which would continue in the future as well since speaking out against Modi would only cause a decline in trade for the opposing government.

Social media is abuzz with raving reviews over the super mature approach of the issue adopted by the boy and people can’t stop appreciating him for his wisdom.

Faith in the future generation – REAFFIRMED.

Several (rightful) points were made about his these intelligent views were unfortunately not reflected by the general public.

Even people from across the border couldn’t help praising the boy in the video.


Honestly, kudos to this kid and his super impressive analysis of the current political situation. It’s definitely inspiring to see such a politically aware young mind from your country provide an extremely mature insight on a very serious issue. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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Cover image via Ali Aman Tarar/Facebook




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