21 Ways to Say Things in Urdu That You Are Too Polite to Say Otherwise

21 Ways to Say Things in Urdu That You Are Too Polite to Say Otherwise

21 Ways to Say Things in Urdu That You Are Too Polite to Say Otherwise

Ever experienced a situation where you just wanted to smack the other person with the nastiest one liner you could think of? Ever felt like social propriety curtailed you from letting you speak your mind? Fear not, my friends, for here are just some of the ways you can say what’s on your mind without being “impolite”.


Disclaimer: These are humorous, regardless of how true they may be… but if you get offended, well, mission accomplished.


1. Let’s start with a general insult, shall we?


Source: Khabees Orat


2. The ones who judge you are just jealous of your bitchin’ good looks:

6 khabees

Source: Khabees Orat


3. Here’s one for the one who has no “self respect”: 


Source: Khabees Orat

Is it just me or are this type of people mostly men?


4.  And then there are those who never learn when those “lines” are being crossed: 


Source: Khabees Orat

Auqat Auqat hoti hai chahe meri ya apki 😛 ”


5. For the rowdy children and those who behave worse than rowdy children:

bhokay bache

Source: Khabees Orat

This goes out to all the mothers out there. We know this is what you’re thinking when we devour your biryani like savages, even if you say you love feeding us.


6. Want to wish someone death by chocolate, literally? Here’s the perfect picture to go with it: 

birthday reference

Source: Khabees Orat

Who cares about “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”! Here’s the perfect birthday wish for those a**holes in all of our lives.


7. For those you don’t want to let in your homes (and hearts):

bond james bondSource: Khabees Orat

Borrowing a pick up line from our pathan brethren, here’s how we all should welcome those we actually never want to see in our lives.


8. For the worse-than-a-dog kind:

doggy reference pyarSource: Khabees Orat

Even a rabid street dog is better than these painful pricks in our lives. You will find these people all the time. Welcome to the real world 🙂


9. We all have these cheap, sexist folks in our lives:

soch p

Source: Khabees Orat


10. For the unwanted guests in our lives (and homes): 

eid satireSource: Khabees Orat

Every Eid through out the year, these guests, with their half dozen eidi aged children in town, will show up from every corner of the world, not having even sent a lousy text asking how we are the rest of the year. 


11.  For those of you who are as allergic to bullshit as we are: 


i m allergic to bullshit

Source: Khabees Orat


12.  Sometimes you just want to give it to someone, without skirting the issue.

kya apka mera mazak haiSource: Khabees Orat


13.  Those who make the most inappropriate jokes at the most inappropriate times:


Source: Khabees Orat

14. Add some spice to your bland relationships with this zinger right here:


 Source: Khabees Orat

Don’t spend the rest of your life with those who wouldn’t appreciate you at all.


15. Put to a stop to it before it gets any further:

lolzz relationship

Source: Khabees Orat

Here’s a good way to pull the plug on a conversation before it even starts. The perfect conversation ending.


16. For the significant other who doesn’t say significant things:

relationship 2Source: Khabees Orat

Silence sometimes is bliss, right?


17. We all know these dirty mind:

totkaSource: Khabees Orat


18. Sometimes you don’t need to bother:when i dont care

Source: Khabees Orat


19. Haters’ gonna hate, so stick it to ’em with this one:they hate us cause they aint us

Source: Khabees Orat

20. Here’s one for those who just can’t get enough of their own selves:

selfie khabees

Source: Khabees Orat

Who knows the world ends tonight and there you are with your camera and millions of selfies but no real friends or memories to remember because you were too busy taking those selfies.


21. And then there are those you don’t have to censor yourself to:

friendsSource: Khabees Orat


These are by a “Khabees Orat” (her words, not ours) so beware when using them on people.

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