8 Times Saif Ali Khan Failed at Life

8 Times Saif Ali Khan Failed at Life

8 Times Saif Ali Khan Failed at Life

By now, you’ve already heard the news that the upcoming Bollywood film Phantom has been banned in our country due its anti-Pakistan sentiments. Saif Ali Khan didn’t take the news so well and as such resorted to saying some things which can only be described as a child crying after not getting his/her way.


While everyone is busy being outraged at the statement, no one has stopped to think about poor Saif Ali Khan. Maybe he’s going through a mid-life crises? After all, given the string of failures he’s had, of course he’s going to want to blame others.


1. Phantom will be his 40th flop film. No kidding.

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His success rate for his movies is hardly 20%. Khan ka naam kharaab kur rha hai saala.

Verdit: unSaif for producers.


2. His nose is now larger than Pinocchio’s.

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Ok, the police officer wins the cake this time but that doesn’t change the fact that unSaif looks like a parrot.


3. His flops have taken a toll on his paycheck.

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UnSaif might be better of filling gas at a petrol station like his long lost jurwa bhai who starred in Omkara.


4. He has created an army of social media haters.

Saifu, you kinda deserved this baby.


5. He’s forced to dress up as a khusra in most of his films.

Source: indiatimes

And he still doesn’t do a good job at it. Around the world, every khusra hates unSaif.


6. Pakistani celebrities completely owned him!



7. He does better mujras than Katrina.

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Okay, obviously not and he’s definitely not pleasant to look at while he does that shit. But, Saifee badnam hui…


8. Pakistani Censor Board has put a lifetime ban on Saif’s movies. 

Source: viralinpakistan

Take that…bitch.


While Pakistan and India have always had a complicated relationship, we don’t need to fuel it with more hate. People like Saif are using controversy to sell the tickets of his film which is wrong. We should all work together to mend our difference and not focus on stupid things that divide us.


P.S. There is one thing that I am not sure about. Did the terrorist Hafiz Saeed really cause the ban? If yes, then this ban is stupid.

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