Imaan Mazari Just Called Aamir Liaquat Insecure But It Backfired Real Quick

By Biya Haq | 13 Mar, 2019

Honestly, Twitter should not be allowed for everyone.

Alrighty so let’s unpack this shit show, shall we?

Following the Aurat March, it seems that people all over Pakistan (men) have been flipping out over women speaking their minds.

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Many participants in the March this year went all out to produce some of the wittiest and clever signs to carry in the peaceful procession. And while most of us were in awe and appreciation of all the Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Aunts who went out to march for their rights last week, one man, in particular, was pissed the fuck off.

Aamir Liaquat (honestly who else?) criticised the March and called it a March AGAINST women.

Are you joking?

Anyway, the whole thing turned into a huge issue involving his new wife Tuba and Imaan Mazari, the outspoken daughter of Shireen Mazari.

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It got pretty ugly and words like ‘homewrecker’ were being thrown around. Imaan has always been known to throw around big statements that get her into a decent amount of trouble.

This whole Aamir thing is pretty ironic because of the fact that Imaan Mazari was defending the March and women’s rights, while also calling out a woman for being a ‘homewrecker’ instead of blaming the man who actually had a wife and daughter.

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What a world.

Anyway, in the latest update on the feud, Imaan has taken it upon herself to continue the petty argument and took it to a whole new completely unnecessary level.


Yep, she brought up her degrees and called Aamir Liaquat insecure. This whole thing could have ended so quickly and instead, it escalated just as fast, creating another scene. Online, lol. And also no offence but who cares if you have two degrees and he doesn’t have one? That point was so uncalled for and not that we’re defending Liaquat in ANY shape or form, it didn’t make sense to chime in with that comment – it had absolutely no bearing in this context.

And friends, the story doesn’t end there.

Instead of successfully calling out her ‘nemesis,’ Mazari’s tweet pretty much backfired as it almost immediately brought her a ton of hate.


^ True, you don’t need any degree at all to make sense. In fact, despite having two degrees, Mazari’s own words could have been a little more intellectual, if we’re saying it’s a matter of schooling.

And you know what’s funny? Aamir and Imaan have a lot in common. They both come from political backgrounds and well, they both have no filter whatsoever and no one really cares about what they have to say.

Our suggestion is that the two of them just start a TV show and just fight with each other all the time. Political analysis like you’ve never seen before. Lmao.

Have you been following these conversations on social media? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

Mr. And Mrs. Aamir Liaquat Are In A Nasty Twitter Fight With Imaan Mazari Over Aurat March & Just WTF

Imaan Mazari Is Back On Twitter With An Explanation Regarding Her Disappearance For The Last Few Hours

Cover photo source: Brandsynario/Content.PK

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