Veena Malik Thinks The Aurat March Was Humiliating For Women, And Everyone's Calling Her A Hypocrite

By Arslan Athar | 13 Mar, 2019

We’re almost closing in on one week since the Aurat March, however, the hate the march has been getting has been endless. For one, actor Shaan Shahid has been trying really hard to discredit the march and feminism and now Veena Malik has joined in as well.

Via Twitter


According to Veena, the march had nothing empowering about it, it was humiliating!


People answered her question by bringing up a time when she was criticized for her magazine shoot.





I mean, Veena, let’s not forget how badly you were treated after ‘Bigg Boss’.


Some felt let down by Veena, and her statement on Aurat March. 


People were quick to remind her of her past activities on national television.


Similar to Shaan, many people began to ask why she’s even allowed to be on Twitter.


‘The humiliation brought on by Veena’ > ‘The humiliation of having Aurat March’ 



A lot of people couldn’t get past the irony of Veena’s statement. 


No matter what you think about Veena, up until this Tweet, she was seen as one woman who did as she pleased, which is why these words coming from her are just confusing.


It doesn’t seem like Veena is winning this fight.


And well, we all know that friend, don’t we!


The irony of Veena’s tweet is hard to ignore. The actress has found herself in situations where people have been beyond angry at her, however, she always had Pakistani women there to support her. It’s really disheartening to see female actors putting down an important event like this when they should be the ones championing it.

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