Veena Malik Is Being A Teeli Online In The India-Pakistan Issue And Is This Her Payback For Big Boss?

By Owais Bin Asad | 2 Mar, 2019

We’re all aware of the whole India-Pakistan scenario currently going on. But there has been a recent development, not on the national front, but on the celebrity front. And it includes Veena Malik.

Pakistani model and actress, Veena Malik, has been going at it on Twitter.

Ever since we sent the Indian Air Force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan back, India has been hailing him as a national hero for allegedly taking down two of our fighter jets. They’re also under the impression that he was sent back owing to the pressure put on our government by the Indian government.


Consequently, Indian actress Preity Zinta recently tweeted about her national hero.


Praising the pilot’s aviation skills, she said that Americans are shocked to find out that an old Russian MIG-21 aircraft (the one Abhinandan was flying) shot down a modern and more sophisticated American-built F16. She said that the best plane is the one with the best pilot flying it.

Veena ko sirf mauka chahiye tha.

Veena called her delusional and explained the story back to Preity. She said that the pilot failed his mission and was shot down and captured. She also said that the pilot could’ve been killed but was kept safe and was sent back over (as a gesture of peace) and the only way he shot down our F16 was in his dreams.

OUCH. At this point, you’d think that she just took a swing at Preity for fun. But wait till you see the rest of her tweets. Now, Pakistanis had started spreading this rumor (for fun) that Adnan Sami is a Pakistani spy sent to India on purpose.


When a news outlet tweeted about this, Veena didn’t hold back.

She said that we never sent over the real Abhinandan and that the real one is still with us, the Indians just got a look-alike back LMAO. I have to admit, it sounds like an edgy 13-year-old is running her Twitter account.

Then, when an Indian journalist expressed his views on the video that was released of the pilot drinking tea, Veena went at it again.

The Indian journalist said that he was disappointed in Pakistan and that we had ruined our gesture of peace by (allegedly) making a prisoner of war read from a script under duress. To this, Veena replied and said that we had installed a chip inside the pilot (she’s kidding guys, please don’t quote me). She also added that now, he’s our pigeon.

Um…this is getting a little out of hand. It was funny in the beginning, but now she’s just adding fuel to the already-raging fire. These tweets are, in no way, helping the already degrading situation between the two countries.

She didn’t stop there. Upon the pilot’s arrival back to his country, Indian tennis player Sania Mirza tweeted about it…and Veena couldn’t hold herself back.

When Sania Mirza called the pilot a hero and talked about his bravery and dignity, Veena Malik retweeted it while making fun of Sania’s tweet.


The comments from her end are very immature, childish and, quite honestly, inappropriate for the current scenario.

She also replied to another Indian journalist (not even surprised anymore).

Veena said that India has ruined its image and has become a joke in the international world after their “plotted publicity stunt”, referring to the Balakot airstrike. Questioning India’s intentions, she mentioned the trees that were destroyed in the airstrike.

Then she went ahead and started making fun of the Indian media.

I mean, okay – they’ve been doing a pretty absurd job,. Can’t blame her for this. And I admit, I kinda want that shirt.

An artist also called Veena out on her childish responses to their tweets.

But Veena did not let that stop her from making more fun of their pilot. She said that brave soldiers are the ones that die on the battlefield and don’t surrender (quite a low blow). She also said that she gave Bollywood a lot of business and that they should be thankful.

Kangana Ranaut was also a target of her tweets as she tried to hit two targets with one arrow.

Making fun of the alleged “surgical strike”, she said that it was only as real as the horse in Kangana Ranaut’s latest film, referring to a tweet that went viral, ridiculing the actress for being on a mechanical horse.

Veena also tweeted about PM Imran Khan and his stance.

In her tweet, she implied that Imran Khan is a better PM than Modi and that in a world full of Modis, everyone should try to be like Imran Khan. She also used the hashtag #NobelPeacePrizeForImranKhan referring to this trending internet movement where people are suggesting Imran Khan for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Those were A LOT of tweets, phew. Not only were they insensitive, but they were also not helping anyone under the current circumstances. And trust me, abhi aur bhi hain. 

Khair, what do you think of Veena’s stance? Do you think it is immature or do you think it is justified? Let me know in the comments below!


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