Shaan Shahid Tried To Troll His Trolls And It Backfired So Badly That He's Going Viral Right Now

By Owais Bin Asad | 12 Mar, 2019

Aurat March was a few days ago but the social media shit-storm is still going on. We’ve got people expressing their opinions and views about the march itself and the posters in it, some of them are positive while others are rather offensive. But hey, this is the internet – it won’t be fun if people stopped calling each other out for petty reasons.


Do y’all remember Uncle Shaan’s comments on the Aurat March?

If you don’t, well, take a look.


If you did already remember his comments, well surprise surprise, he’s back again.


Shaan Shahid, like many other self-proclaimed social media “influencers”, decided to point out a few of the posters that he deemed “against our culture”

He said that the posters were not a representation of our culture and values. Dekhain zara…

The first thing that came to my mind after seeing this was “lo jee”. This was sure to spark up an argument and that is exactly what it did.


People shared a collage of “bold” scenes from Shaan’s movies over the years in reply to his tweet and that didn’t go so well with the actor

Alright, here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Who had the time and, more importantly, the determination to go through his old films and find such scenes and then make a collage out of them?
  2. The caption “my hero” and the hashtags really cracked me up.

Shaan said that there is a difference between a movie and real life

He also pointed out that the characters and actors are not the same personalities. And it here’s the best part, his example for his argument was that a nude painter isn’t a porn artist. L M A O.


That didn’t stop it there, in fact Shaan is now trending and he and his trolls are just endlessly trolling each other

I mean…it’s a pretty solid blow. So the fact that other people are using it against him as well doesn’t surprise me.


He got called out for being a misogynist and a womanizer but Shaan wasn’t gonna hold back

He said that all the actresses were professionals and knew what they signed up for. But the best part is when he struck back and said that some people work for a living while others call daddy. B U R N.


He’s also getting trolled for displaying “our culture” in his movies


It gets even better, Shaan completed his transformation into a Twitter troll himself with all the screenshotting of the other person’s tweets and all

Honestly, I can’t even…this is…where’s my popcorn?


Oh, oh and when he was called out for his views he said no one can criticize him because they’re not actors

You see the irony in his statement, right? So did all these people


At this point, I’m confused as to what Shaan’s even trying to do anymore



Via: Twitter


Is Shaan trying to be a Twitter influencer or a troll? What do you think, does he make a good point or is his argument pointless? Let us know in the comments below.


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