Imaan Mazari Is Back On Twitter With An Explanation Regarding Her Disappearance For The Last Few Hours

By Rameeza Ahmad | 24 Sep, 2018

Last night after tweeting a private screenshot of a conversation with her mother Shireen Mazari, Imaan Mazari disappeared from Twitter leaving a lot of people confused.

Source: @imaanzhazir via Twitter

Her mother was furious with Imaan over a tweet she had made criticising the DG ISPR and calling them embarrassing.

After this entire incident went viral, Imaan disappeared from Twitter. While some people believe she had deactivated her account on her own, there were others who believed her account had been reported.

This is not the first time Imaan was chastised for her criticism for the Pakistan Army.

Or even the first time that her mother was blamed or targetted for her daughter’s opinions. And even last night Imaan talked about how she wished people would not involve her mother and accept that the two could have different opinions.


However, before people could speculate about her Twitter disappearance even further, Imaan Mazari returned to the Twittersphere to explain everything.

She explained that she had deactivated her account on her own.

She did this in order to collect her thoughts because things had gotten out of her control. But she came back immediately because she believed in her right to free speech and that she wanted to exercise it. She even addressed how it was sad that this would affect her mother, Shireen Mazari since she is always targetted for her daughter’s opinions.

While Imaan state that she thought it was unfortunate that her mother was attacked because of her opinions, she did not plan on giving up her democratic right to free speech just because of emotional blackmail and pressure from certain groups for her to stay quiet.

Shireen Mazari even tweeted about her daughter deactivating her account stating that it was entirely Imaan’s own decision.

And that her daughter is not someone who yields to pressure. This was after people started asking her why Imaan has suddenly disappeared from Twitter.

What do you think about this entire Twitter drama? Let us know in the comments!

Imaan Mazari Has Disappeared From Twitter And People Have A Lot Of Conspiracy Theories

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