Here Are Your Zodiac Sign's Love Predictions For January 2018

By Biya Haq | 10 Jan, 2018

Friends, whether you believe in them or not, horoscopes are always fun to read. It doesn’t matter if it’s about your career, your past, your present or your future, who doesn’t want to know what their future holds? We know we do.

And since we all have enough to worry about, we thought we’d try and make one aspect of your lives easier. Without further ado, here is what you can expect from your love life this month. We think. Lolsy, enjoy!


March 21st-April 19th


Aries, the beginning of the month is when you’ll feel most alive. After being in hibernation for the last couple of months, your adrenaline will now be at an all-time high. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it! If you’re single, be bold and tell your crush how you feel and if you’re in a relationship, don’t be afraid to say what you feel to your partner. It’ll be okay, it’s written in the stars!


April 20th-May 21st


This is the month of 100% full support from your loved one. Whether it’s in work or in your personal matters, your partner or loved one will show their true colors in supporting you and being there for you. Single? Don’t worry, look out for January 17th, someone who you admire is going to reveal that they have a crush on you. YAY HUNNI.


May 22nd-June 21st


Single? January 11-13th is an important time for you. You get to meet your very own special someone! And for those of you who don’t meet them right away? Don’t worry, the end of the month has some exciting news in store for you, just stay tuned. If you’re in a relationship, finances may be something important to focus on this month. Don’t worry, all good things.


June 22nd-July 22nd


Hey, Cancers, this month is looking pretty good for you, friends. Exciting romantic predictions are in your stars this January! Whether it’s exploring new and deeper levels with your partner in your feelings for another. As for the single pringles out there, be ready to meet potential and exciting love interests!


July 23rd-August 22nd


Dating someone new Leo’s? This month is the month you will find out if your family approves or disapproves the relationship. After January 6th, you may engage in some new romantic possibilities, many of you may even be on the verge of finding that special rishta you’ve been searching for. Be on the lookout! January is about to get pretty exciting.


August 23rd-September 22nd


Virgo, you ended the year with an exciting love story just on the horizon and friends, January is gonna take it to the next level. And though seeing attractive features in your significant other may seem important, it’s going to be about a lot more than just that. Look beyond what’s on the surface, it’s gonna matter in the long run.


September 23rd-October 22nd


So, if we’re gonna be honest, which we are, obviously – this month is not going to be completely easy for you, Libra. This can be both good and bad, what it really depends on is the way you handle it. If you get caught up in the negative side of things, it’ll be a doozy but if you stay positive and look on the bright side, you’ll get through the confusing times like a champ. We can promise you that.


October 23rd-November 22nd


Alrighty Scorpios, this month is all about having those tough but necessary conversations. Your relationships may not have been the easiest last year but that’s okay. As long as you have made it this far and have the fight to keep going, it’s going to be just fine. The universe is rooting for you both, so don’t worry, it’ll happen for you, just keep the faith.


November 23rd-December 22nd


Expect a big jatka in your life this month Sag, but don’t worry – a GREAT one. It’s gonna be full of exciting things, friend. Keep your eyes open and your hopes up because it’s going to be nothing short of amazing. Oh and single friends? This applies to you too, it’s gonna be biiiiiiiiiiig ~


December 23rd-January 20th


Hey Cap, boy oh boy do you have an exciting month ahead of you. Both the new and full moons are going to bring massive changes to your love life. This might intimidate some of you but don’t worry, as long as you stay on the positive side of things, this is a very exciting time for all of you. Stay tuned.


January 21st-February 19th


Alrighty so the first half of January may seem pretty boring at first and well, it will be. BUT – the second half? You are in for . a treat Aquarius. A BIG TREAT. Up your flirting game because it is going to get pretty heated for you. Also, just a tip, don’t fight it! It’s time you got back on the horse, embrace it – love it.


February 20th-March 20th


This year is going to start in one color for you Pisces, and that color is golden. Why golden? Because you will be shining bright and right in the smack dab of some great golden opportunities. Keep your eyes (and your heart wide open) because it’s an exciting time for you Pisces.

Did you like your sign’s love prediction? Are you excited for the month ahead? Are you bummed out about it? Well, don’t be! Your love life is what you make it so make away! Let us know what you think in the comments! Love you.


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