15 Intense Struggles Only People With Zodiac Sign Cancer Can Understand

By Momina Mindeel | 23 Jun, 2017

If your date of birth lies somewhere between June 22 and July 22, you are born under the zodiac sign Cancer. Congratulations, you are now entitled to a lifetime of over-flooding emotions, incredibly incredible mood swing, lots of crying, bucket loads of insecurities and some really overboard emotional attachments to irrelevant people. Your life is a straight up mess and you have the ultimate role to play in it but do not worry, we have got your back.

In order to share your grief, here is a list of most of the struggles that all the cancerians go through, at some points in life. Let’s just say they are a little high-maintenance and well, a little too sensitive too.


1. Your life revolves around to-do lists and planning your days

You have this uncanny habit of making thousands of to-do-lists every day and then make some more to-do lists for the to-do lists that you didn’t finish.

2. Self-pity is just your best friend and no matter how much you try to overcome, you always come across as super needy

3. Crying through sad movies or TV shows is your strongest forte

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4. You are a hopeless romantic and make up perfect scenarios in your head about every single thing in life

5. It breaks your heart when the rest of the world isn’t as expressive as you are

When people do not reciprocate with equal intensity, you just sit there wishing to disappear into another world.

6. You are very loyal and expect the same from others

You are loyal to your last hair and when people do not live up to your expectations (which is often the case) you just end up heartbroken every other day.

Source: Ali Rush / YouTube

7. You have your own perfect world inside your head and when nothing else works out, you resort to enjoying it

8. Zoning out and being random is just your thing because you have to take care of the nexus of unending thoughts in your head, as well

9.  You always aim for deeper friendships

And because of this very specific need, you are mostly alone while all your not-so-into-deeper-friendships friends are out being not-so-deep friends to each other.

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10. You come off as naive and shy because you don’t like confrontations

Confronting people who have wronged you is just not your cup of tea and this consequently makes them think that you are too naive who can be taken advantage of.

11. Your biggest critic is your own self

You are always busy criticizing and undermining yourself which makes it really hard for you to love yourself.

12. You need people around you to assure you that you matter to them

Your friends are always sick of reassuring you again and again of your worth but you just always some more reassurance.

Source: Dharma Productions

13. Despite everything, you still admit that you are the only one who has made their life complicated with all the expectations


14. Basically, you are sensitive AF

15. But you’re the kind of friend this world needs more of

Source: Showcase Productions


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