11 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need A Cancerian BFF In Your Life

By Mehwish A. W. | 22 Jun, 2018

If you have a Cancerian parent, friend, or a life partner, you should probably consider yourself lucky. People with the zodiac sign Cancer have many qualities and strengths that make them truly likable. They are family-oriented, sensitive, entertaining, caring and much more, and having one in your life can actually be a pleasing experience.

Here are 11 reasons that prove that they are really awesome:

1. They are good listeners

Cancerians are compassionate listeners, and empathy is in their genes. Whenever you need to vent out your feelings or share your problems, they will be there to provide you a listening ear and a safe space to be completely yourself and express yourself freely.

2. They have the weirdest sense of humor

They are really good at making you laugh and at lifting your spirits. Every time you are in the company of a Cancerian, you are in for a great laugh. With their impeccable sense of humor and sarcasm, they make sure that there is laughter whenever they are around.

3. They are really sensitive and sentimental

Cancerians are highly sensitive people. They are sensitive to the feelings of others and do not judge people for the way they feel. They are also quite sentimental, which means they cherish little moments and try to relive them.

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4. They are very loving and caring

Cancerians are really sweet. Having a Cancerian in your life means you will get love in abundance. These people will go out of their way when it comes to caring for their dear ones. They hold their relations close to their heart and always extend their unconditional support. They put a lot of effort into building strong relations with people.

5. They are incredibly loyal

Loyalty is important to a Cancerian and they always ace the loyalty test. Gives you another reason to have them on your team, isn’t it? They do what they say, and expect the same in return too. Through thick and thin, they are the ones you can definitely rely on.

6. They have an eerily accurate sense of intuition

Cancerians have a one-of-a-kind sense of intuition. They have the powerful ability to sniff out and notice when something isn’t right. They are astonishingly good at reading people and they can almost always tell when someone is acting unusual in some way.

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7. They have a knack of coming up with quick solutions

Cancerians are known to be rational and practical. They will come up with quick solutions to your problems and make their best efforts to help you find out a way from difficult situations.

8. They are not easily offended

Yes, they don’t get angry easily. They are calm and chill and are generally pretty easy going. But that does not mean that they allow people to walk all over them. As soon as they are provoked, their claws come out and they will make sure to put you in your place.

9. They are really strong and resilient

Though Cancerians have the reputation of being sensitive and emotional, they are incredibly strong and resilient. No matter what comes their way, they are more than capable of rolling themselves out of it. They do not like giving up and usually work through problems they face.

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10. Cancerians can be extraordinarily generous at times

Cancerians are super generous. This means that you will be bestowed with gifts and surprises out of nowhere. For those who are close to them, they may empty their wallets just to see them smile and to make sure they have a blast on their special day.

11. They are very protective about all those whom they care and love

If you are close to a Cancerian, you have got a backbone for life. They’d take a bullet for those they love.

These reasons indicate why it’s super important to have a Cancerian BFF in your life. If you have one don’t let go of this irreplaceable person. Anything we’ve missed out on Cancerians? Let us know in the comments below. Or tag your bestie to show them some love.


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