This Makeup Artist From Karachi Bringing Zodiac Signs To Life Will Definitely Take Your Breath Away

By Rameeza Ahmad | 20 May, 2018

Meet Yumna Sadiq Hayat.

This Karachiite is a makeup artist who, to put it lightly, is simply magical. How?

Source: Instagram/@fivefourtyinthemorning

Well…she looks like any other young Karachiite. But on Sundays…she transforms!

Source: Instagram/@fivefourtyinthemorning

A while ago Yumna started this series which she called #ExtraSundays. Through this series, she demonstrated her prowess as a makeup artist.

“I just wanted to do something creative and I wanted to make it a weekly thing. So I came up with #ExtraSundays. The plan originally was to do one makeup/styling look that was inspired by something/somebody. I started doing it regularly and it sort of caught on with my Twitter audience. Especially my SFX [special effects] posts.”

Within the series, she began a ‘desi girl’ version of all the zodiac signs. The first look was, of course, Aries.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat


Followed by Taurus.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat


And just look at that beautiful take on Gemini.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

This feisty desi girl version of Cancer is something else.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat


Yumna’s Leo sure looks lovely, too.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

Her version of Virgo is a true sight for sore eyes.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

Her Libra totally balances out beauty and creativity.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

Yumna’s Scorpio had an enjoyable sting.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more dreamy Saggitarius.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

Her Capricorn is really a head turner.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

Oh, and Yumna’s Aquarius? Definitely a refreshing sight.

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

And finally, the beauty of her Pisces speaks for itself. 

Source: Twitter/@YSHayat

Talking to MangoBaaz about the series, here’s what Yumna had to say:

“The astrology series was just an idea that came to my mind and I sort of rolled with it. I couldn’t make horns and arrows so I thought I’ll center my looks around common colors associated with a specific zodiac and to add the ‘desi‘ element I resorted to jhumkas and dupattas.

Clearly, her effort paid off because people not only loved the looks but eagerly waited for the next part of the series!


The looks themselves were not the only things people loved. They enjoyed the little textual tidbits the makeup artist added as well.


All of Yumna’s looks are undoubtedly amazing. What’s even better is that they offer a little bit of insight into Yumna as a person too. What do you think about the series? Moreover, what do you think of your zodiac sign’s representation? Let us know in the comments!

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