Here Are Your Ideal Career Fields In Pakistan According To Your Zodiac Signs

By Maliha Khan | 15 Apr, 2018

From a young age, as members of desi families, we are instructed to become only doctors and engineers. Being part of this newer generation, we know that there are many more options out there. However, since we also believe in the power of zodiacs and their impact on our personalities, here is a list of ideal career fields for each zodiac sign:



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Known to be the youngest of the zodiacs, it makes sense for them to be the most stubborn of the group. They are strong-willed and competitive, which means any career in the world of sports is ideal for them. On the other hand, they love to be in charge, which makes them naturals in the business field.

Ideal jobs include Sales Representative, CEO, Athlete, and Soldier.



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Known for craving stability but at the same time desiring luxury, they work at practical jobs but aim high to pay for their luxurious lifestyles. They love to work with their hands and appreciate the beauty in things.

Ideal jobs include Lawyers, Designers and Engineers.



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They’re full of energy and get bored of mundane routines a lot faster than most people. The best choice for them is to work at a place where they can experience new things and can avail the opportunity to meet new people.

Ideal jobs include Teacher, Architect, Blogger, and Rescue Worker.



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They’re kind of the ammis of the zodiac crew, which naturally places them in very nurturing career fields. They like to help out as much as they can, and they love taking care of people and things. They handle responsibility pretty easily.

Ideal jobs include Social Worker, Human Resources, Therapist, and Childcare.



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Leos prefer to lead, not follow. They do not do well at jobs where they will have to report to someone else.  They are often disruptive in teams and groups but win people over with their charm. They’re a little hard-headed, but very dedicated to their work.

Ideal jobs include Politician, Tour Guide, Real Estate Agent, and Business Owners.



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Virgos are known for their attention to detail and the way they want everything to be perfect. They are good with numbers, which means they like one-solution problems.

Ideal jobs include Florist, Mathematician, and Accountant.



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Libras are creatively inclined. They despise working in conventional jobs and working under any sort of stress or pressure. They like to go with the flow and like to do what makes them happy.

Ideal jobs include being any sort of creative artists. Other possibilities are Architect, Designer, and Counselor.



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Scorpios are known for their talents and their wide range of skills, but they choose to work in careers that are based on emotional depth. They search for deeper truths. Also, they are the ultimate daredevils, which means careers that keep them on their feet are the way to go for them.

Ideal jobs include Detectives, ER Doctor, Nurses.



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Adventurous by nature, a desk job is not something they are interested in. They want to be out and about, doing something physical. They also have strong ethical beliefs, which can land them jobs in the field of law enforcement.

Ideals jobs include Tour Guides, Police Officers, Sports Coaches, and Travel Writers.



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They’re naturally competitive human beings and are always looking for ways to excel in their careers. They are always on the hunt for new opportunities to grow as people. They love to be on top, but at the same time, they are dependable and rather ambitious.

Ideal jobs include Directors, Supervisors, Managers, and Business Owners.



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They tend to be autonomous and prefer their freedom. They do not do well in stuffy workplaces with bosses breathing down their necks. Moreover, they enjoy being in crowds, while giving off the alpha-of-the-pack vibe.

Ideal jobs include Inventors, Event Planners, Activists, Business Owners, and Scientists.



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They prefer to spend more time in their made up fantasy worlds than in the real corporate world. They have a special relationship with animals, which would make them great candidates to work in careers aligning with animal care.

Ideal jobs include Animal Trainer, Photographer, Writer, and Professional Video Game Player.


Do your expected ideal career fields match with your Zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments below.


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