Which Pakistani Character Would You Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

By Iman Zia | 17 Nov, 2017

Let’s see which Pakistani character matches your zodiac sign

If you’re an avid drama aficionado like me, then there must have come a time where you wondered which Pakistani character you would embody, based on your Zodiac sign. Our dramas and cinema have both bestowed upon us the perfect characters who cuddle up rather perfectly to each twelve Zodiac signs.


Aries – Sassi from ‘O Rangreza’

Aries, you are the boldest sign and are just like Sassi. You’re fierce, unapologetic about her vivacious nature, and untamable. You do as you please, and aren’t afraid of exploring horizons – you love the unexpected, and never shy away from voicing your opinion. You push your buttons only to conquer the impossible. An Aries is courageous and very, very honest. Nothing fazes them.

Pakistani character zodiac aries
Source: Hum Network Limited


Taurus – Nazneen from ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’

If you’re anything like Nazneen, then Taureans, you’re incredibly stubborn. Opinions matter little to you because you’re going to end up doing what your heart tells you. You’re incredibly determined, dogged so and build a sturdy armor about you. You’re a passionate star Taurus, and you can’t help be a little vocal at times. Nazneen will go at any cost to marry Basit, the boy she loves and is never afraid to pour out her love to him, despite being engaged to someone else. You can rely tremendously on a Taurus, they’re a devoted zodiac sign.

Pakistani character zodiac taurus
Source: Hum Network Limited


Gemini – Zara from ‘Aunn Zara’

Like Zara, Geminis utterly adore themselves. They brim with a light-hearted aura and are always on the run. They’re a friendly bunch, and never let anyone define them. They’re almost always happy, and you’ll always find them telling you enthralling stories, but beware, they’re rather stubborn at times! Geminis are also very gentle, affectionate and very easily adaptable.

Pakistani character zodiac gemini
Source: Oriental Films


Cancer – Khirad from ‘Humsafar’

Cancerians are a honeyed bunch and are very kind – almost shockingly so. They are caring, humble, selfless and will always go to great lengths for the one they love. They’re simple at times but headstrong. Khirad is the prime definition of a Cancerian and remains incredibly resilient throughout any hurdles thrown her way. Cancerians are very sympathetic too, and very emotional.

Pakistani character zodiac cancer
Source: Hum Network Limited


Leo – Anmol from ‘Dil Lagi’

Anmol was outgoing, strong and incredibly lively. As a Leo, you have a feisty presence about you, and you have a hidden adventurist within you. You would literally take a bullet for the ones you love, and if they are hurt, then you see nothing but vengeance. However, you can be a wee bit inflexible, and very stubborn! You’re very generous though and have an incredibly supple heart.

Pakistani character zodiac leo
Source: Six Sigma Plus


Virgo – Kashaf from ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’

Kashaf was incredibly independent and felt a heavy burden as the eldest sister to take care of her family after her father leaves. She’s a Virgo, what with her soaring maturity levels, and how much she relished in being a perfectionist. Virgos are recluses at heart and love to take care of people. If you’re a Virgo, then you’re very hardworking, practical and loyal – and exude kindness (mostly forgiving easy)!

Pakistani character zodiac virgo
Source: Hum Network Limited


Libra – Farah from ‘Pyarey Afzal’

Like Farah, you enjoy being in the limelight. You take charge of everything and have a wee bit of a guilty pleasure bossing people around and you adore having responsibilities.  A Libra’s presence is very noticeable, and stand out in the crowd. Your mind works in a very diplomatic way, and you’re very cooperative, although stubborn at times if things don’t go your way.

Pakistani character zodiac libra
Source: Six Sigma Plus


Scorpio – Meera from ‘Udaari’

Scorpios like Meera strive for the best. Meera has always longed to be a singer and will stop at nothing to achieve her dream. She’s ambitious, as is a Scorpio. They’re passionate too, brave and make one of the best, most loyal companions one can ever have.

Pakistani character zodiac scorpio
Source: Hum Network Limited


Sagittarius – Falak from ‘Shehr-e-Zaat”

Like Falak, a Sagittarius is very curious, and as a sign, you are the biggest wanderlust out of them all! You have an incredibly open might, and are very creative too, with very philosophical views about life. You’re always introspecting like Falak and questioning life.

Pakistani character zodiac sagittarius
Source: Hum Network Limited


Capricorn – Zubia from ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’

Zubia has always remained down to earth, level-headed (most times), straightforward and incredibly independent. You are always disciplined in even the direst of situations, very responsible and have a lot of self-control.

Pakistani character zodiac capricorn
Source: Hum Network Limited


Aquarius – Shano from ‘Sadqay Tumhare’

Shano, like Aquarians, can be a bit reserved at times, and seemingly distant. They’re very affectionate and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re determined to follow through with something and have little regard for what other people think of them. While an Aquarian is born shy and rather hushed, they’re also very eccentric and full of life. Shano is a deep thinker and was always to see someone without prejudice.

Pakistani character zodiac aquarius
Source: Hum Network Limited


Pisces – Bano from ‘Dastaan’

Pisces are by far the most emotional of the signs. Like Bano, Pisces tend to feel things in a far more profound manner. They are gentle, wise and very compassionate too. They have a childlike innocence about them, but will always take a stand whenever they feel necessary. They’re strong, even though many might see them as weak. They always remain optimistic in the face of a storm too.

Pakistani character zodiac pisces
Source: Hum Network Limited

So there you have it. Did your favorite Pakistani character match your zodiac sign?


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