Here Are Your Most Annoying Qualities, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Nai Dulhan | 5 May, 2019

Did you ever think your most annoying qualities could be because of your zodiac sign?

Guys, let’s face it; we all have that one habit that ticks other people off. It could be your disgusting habit of untimely farting, to chewing with your moo khol khol ke to picking your nose, to just laughing when you shouldn’t be! But did you know that each of the zodiac signs is known to have some pet traits that make them annoying AF? Yeah, we didn’t either, so we compiled a list of the most annoying traits, according to your zodiac sign. Let’s cringe our way through these.


Aries – Aapki behas and laraka-pan are the most annoying qualities of your zodiac sign

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That’s right, you can be annoyingly argumentative and even mean when things or opinions don’t go your way or align with yours. You are ready to get into an argument at any time, any place and anywhere – even if it means you’re in a place full of people. Yikes! And you know what the worst thing is? You don’t really care who you’re arguing with.

You are perfectly happy with arguing with your friends, family and complete strangers. Akhir kisi ne apki baat ko negate kernay ki himmat kaisay ki? Things could get so out of control with you around that you could actually become an embarrassment to yourself and others around you. Lol awks. Really.


Taurus – Aapki hadharaami and dheetai

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Oh yeah! Taurus peeps are very headstrong people and if they get stuck on an idea, they will GET STUCK ON IT! Matlab, they will become so stubborn that they will refuse to budge.

It can be something as simple as moving half an inch on the couch to refusing to cooperate with people in general when you believe your version of the ‘truth’, no matter what logic says. Oh, and this is exactly why you won’t ever admit you are wrong. Never!


Gemini – Aapki nakabil -e- aitabaari is the most annoying quality of your zodiac sign

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Oh snap, jiggar tu toh bohat dangerous nikla! You are very unpredictable, and we don’t mean that in a good way. You are one person who will make plans, commit to things and make promises and BAM! We’ll get a phone call from you at the last moment that you have to cancel because you decided to change your mind.

No one can ever tell what is on your mind or what your next move is going to be, and that makes you very annoying at times.


Cancer – Aapki hasaas aur insecure nature

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Have you guys ever met those people who are always looking for validation? Like always? Yeah, you’re one those! If you don’t get that validation, you will start thinking that people dislike you or don’t think that you have what it takes to be the IT thing. Not only this, Cancer people are known to be moody and temperamental.

Aik dum baithay baithay mood off ho jai ga and the other person won’t even know what the hell happened. Not cool yaar!


Leo – Aapkay bharam aur ego problems

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Represented by the lion for a reason, these people have an ego that crashes through the ceiling! They think they’re better than the rest because they’re good at everything (according to themselves, of course).

Because they are natural born leaders, people don’t help with making them feel a little grounded. This makes them think they can never be wrong and whatever they’re doing is right.


Virgo – Aapki ability to become obsessed with something until it is perfect

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Virgo peeps are known to be perfectionists. Masla yeh hai ke inko hur waqt, hur cheez perfect chahiye. They’re one of those people who will come to a wedding at 7:30 PM, even when the family members haven’t arrived yet. They will not change their ways and once they decide on doing something their way, that is the only way for them.

No matter what anyone says. They are not flexible and will downgrade anyone who does not meet their expectations.


Libra – Aapka darr constant need to please others

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Abay yaar, inko kisi ne khuch kaha nahi, and they will go into a total panic mode and abort their mission. Libra people can’t seem to make up their minds when the going gets a tiny bit tough. When they are thrown into pressurizing situations, they fail to stand up for themselves and make a decision that is totally opposite to what they would have taken otherwise.

Moreover, they do this to please other people – bus koi naraz na ho jai! Libra peeps; if you would stop kissing people’s hands and stand up for yourself for once, that would be great.

Scorpio – Aapkamain, main aur bus main” mantra which makes you super demanding

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A Scorpio is all about his or her own self. They will apparently seem very harmless and open, but they have a whole different world of self-righteousness inside them. Because they are so demanding, they will play the field with their own rules and manipulate people and situations into their favor.

Not cool, guys.


Sagittarius – Aapka obsession with the latest trends

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Sagittarius people are always looking to follow the latest and the hottest trends. They will seem superficial and materialistic due to this habit but don’t really care as long as they have the latest shit to show off.

Not only that, they will try to get others to follow suit and will not be convinced until you agree to follow their obsession with fads. This makes them seem quite obnoxious at times.


Capricorn – Aapki dheetai and bharam

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Wow, you have not one, but two annoying traits! Not only are you stubborn, but you are also too full of yourself. Capricorns might seem shy but they are true players.

They will use people to get whatever they want and still be on top! Moreover, if caught, they will never admit their mistakes which make them seem like utter jerks.


Aquarius – Aapka obsession with trying to be something that you are not

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Okay Aquarius, ya’ll are wonderful people, but you are not true to yourself! These people try so hard to be something they’re not that it is cringy AF to watch. Sachi mai, it is painful to tolerate.

Fake accents and exaggerated attitudes make these people pretty annoying. In this race to become something they’re not, they will end up acting all sorts of weird.


Pisces – Aapka late hona and being zoned out almost always

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Abay yaar, why are ya’ll so spaced out all the time? It’s like you’ve dislocated half of your brain and will just appear lost when someone asks you a simple question. Pisces folks also have no concept of managing time and they will arrive late everywhere, even work! EVERYDAY!

So people, do you know someone who has these annoying AF traits? Tag them in the comments below!

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