Here's Which Pakistani Drama Character Is Your Soulmate, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Noor | 5 Jan, 2019

Okay, ladies. I know you’ve spent days drooling over the Ashers and Asfandayars that you’ve seen on screen, but have you ever wondered who your ideal soulmate is out of all those gorgeous hunks? Well, your zodiac sign has a lot to say about that. I’ve got you covered, read on:

Aries – Zaki (Yeh Raha Mera Dil)

Ladies with this zodiac sign are impulsive, bold and fierce. They have a very strong personality and they are not usually ready to compromise on their independence. Basically, they need a guy who can handle their ‘spark’. They are attracted towards guys who are quite masculine and are passionate AF. Which is why Zaki – the dude who’d be able to tell how you’re feeling from miles away – is your perfect match.

Source: MD productions

Taurus – Junaid (Khudgharz)

Taurus women are princesses in disguise and are the ones who crave perfection. They are fond of luxuries and want a man who can spoil them. They need a man who is passionate, is a committed lover and a friend too. The man who would most definitely get along with them is Junaid from Khudgharz because he knows how to treat/spoil a lady with his love!

Source: Six Sigma plus

Gemini – Arsal (Suno Chanda)

Gemini ladies are very social and energetic. They are super fun-loving and this explains why humor is a major turn on for them. They want to be with a guy who is NOT serious at all. They look for a man who can help them have fun and let them enjoy their life. So, this pretty explains why Arsal from Suno Chanda can be the man of their dreams.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions

Cancer – Ashar (Humsafar)

The women with this zodiac sign are very sensitive. They look for stability in relationships and this is the reason why security and sensitivity are their biggest turn-ons. They want a connection which is emotionally and sexually satisfying. Ladies, your perfect match is Ashar from Humsafar.

Source: MD Productions

Leo – Zaroon (Zindagi Gulzar Hai)

Leo girls are very passionate and lively. They look for someone who lets them shine and progress in their lives. They like being the centre of attention and are drawn towards the type of guys who are charming and are proud to be with them. The ever-treasuring Zaroon is definitely the guy for you.

Source: MD productions

Virgo – Salah-ud-din (Mann Mayal)

Virgo ladies want a stable, practical but a romantic relationship. They basically want someone who can calm them down and someone with whom they feel comfortable. Their suitable match is Salah-ud-din. Sweet, caring, nurturing AND gorgeous, he’s the guy for you.

Source: MD Productions

Libra – Shehraam (Khamoshi)

Loyalty and romance are major turn-ons for Libra ladies. They look for grand proposals and romantic dates. They truly adore grand declarations of love and this is why Shehraam from Khamoshi is the one they are looking for.

Source: MD productions

Scorpio – Fawad (Tabeer)

Scorpion ladies have an obsessive behaviour and they need a guy who can be patient with their crazy mood swings. Calm men with intelligence are what they are looking for, which is why Fawad from Tabeer can be their soulmate. He’ll cater to your mood swings and shower you with love.

Source: MD productions

Sagittarius – Aunn (Aunn Zara)

The ladies with this zodiac sign are emotional and easy-going. They prefer men who can be their best friends. They usually look for serious relationships and crave REAL romance. More than anything, they want a guy who wants all their attention. Aunn from Aunn Zara would be the perfect match.

Source: A Plus Entertainment

Capricorn – Mehrab (Ishq Tamasha)

Capricorn ladies are vibrant and goal oriented. They are very ambitious and this is the reason that why they prefer hardworking men. They look for someone who is well established in his career. Mehrab from Ishq tamasha is the one they are looking for.

Source: MD productions

Aquarius – Mir Haadi (Khaani)

They are attracted towards a guy who is a bit of a rebel and never plays by rules. They look for creative and charming men who are unconventional. They value creativity, so even if the man is not financially stable, he gets the attention of an Aquarius lady. The perfect match for them is Mir Hadi from Khaani.

Source: 7th Sky Entertainment

Pisces – Arsh (Udaari)

These ladies are sensitive and loving. Romance is the main turn-on for them. They value sweet gestures and romantic moments. Arsh from Udaari is their type of man. He’s got it all – gentleness, creativity and a heart full of love.

Source: Moomal Productions, Kashf Foundation

Gone through all of these? Think yours is spot on? Let us know in the comments!


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