Here's What Kind Of Year 2019 Will Probably Be Like For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Nai Dulhan | 1 Jan, 2019

The year 2019 is right around the corner and we’re all pretty excited and nervous about what the coming months will bring with them. Thankfully, our predictions of what the coming year will look like will help you get an idea of what’s in store for the coming year.

So let’s jump right into it.




Dear Aries, as vibrant as you are, the only suitable way to approach the New Year is by diving into the madness with full speed. Take it as a new adventure, a new journey and a new challenge. Trust us, with your planets moving around the way they are, you will be ready to enter into 2019 with a bang anyway.

Your first two months of the New Year will be pretty easy going, with plenty of support from people around you. It is the rest of the year that seems to be a little bit of a slow jam. But hosla kerain, ghabrana nahi hai because you have your will power to help you through the sticky situations life throws at you. Word of advice, you need to know where to channel your energies and where to surrender your arms. Yaar, honestly, there is no need to beat yourself up when you just can’t figure out shit. It happens to the best of us, this out of control state of affairs. So just let go and leave things on autopilot.

This year, another battle to focus on is your time with friends and family – make sure you maintain that work-life balance. Remember, happiness and peace starts with self care.




Oyee! Seat belt pehn lo bheno aur bhaiyon, kyun ke yeh safar khuch khatarnaak ho sakta hai. We don’t mean that in a bad way though dear Taurus, but be prepared for some big, crazy changes this year. We know that is not how you like things to be, but change is the only thing constant right? Trust us, you can do this too! The good thing about these radical changes that are about to shake up your life are that you will start viewing life differently – Maybe more positively, or more maturely.

Your health, your happiness, your overall being, everything is encapsulated in this change. Every change will start with yourself first, so take care of your inner self too.

Towards the end of the year, things will probably settle down and you will start to feel better and more positive about life. These changes, after all, won’t seem so bad! And you know what? This is where the success actually lies – in the realization that we need to embrace change and not fight against it.




Dear Gemini, you do realize that relationships are like very delicate mirrors right? The way you treat someone, you will be treated in the same manner. Self reflection in this regard is very important, something you must practice every now and then in the coming year.

This year, you will be eager to let the world know you’re there, and you have a voice. But remember, not everyone will be willing to listen. Sometimes, this feeling might just be in your head, but don’t make a fuss about it. There are definitely more effective ways for people to pay attention to you. Larai kerna zaroori nahi hota, you can always stand out of the crowd by thinking of ways to express yourself creatively.

But, there will still be some drama surrounding you in 2019 – sudden events and insights can throw you off guard but you need to stand your ground and take everything like a true champ. One way of doing is by cutting off the entire negative from your life and maintaining your focus on the real goals. Too much information is not good as well – so be aloof when needed.




Hey there gentle soul, in 2019, it is time to put others aside for a while and focus on your own self. This year, you need to channel your inner strengths and get in tune with your own emotions – ask yourself what you need to make yourself feel more secure and happy, and work towards that.

Simultaneously, you need to slow down and notice how you interact with other people and how they respond to you. Some of your approaches might work better than others, while others might not. There is no right or wrong, but there are better and the best ways to deal with different groups of people. You might think that your typical, subtle ways of getting your point across will work this year as well – well no, they might not. If anything, at times you might come off as angry and low-key aggressive.

The key is to communicate effectively and gently, while being firm as well. Less emotion and more practical so that people know that you are here to make a point. Trust us; this will make a huge difference to your year.




Dear Leo, the brave. You are and always will be a star in the sky, shining bright and spreading your light everywhere. But in 2019, you might want to take the lime light away from yourself and fly under the radar.

You know what you need this year? Privacy and peace, in order for you to nurture yourself and your relationships. You and your body both need some time off from the frenzy of the world. Does it sound too much to process? Of course! But trust us, the New Year has a lot of good stored in for you – you just need to know that moderation is the course of action for you.

Your slow and steady pace will lead you to the path you desire in 2019 and beyond.




We all know what a homebody you are. Your heart lies in the foundations of your home, with family and loved ones. But in 2019, you will carry your home with you where ever life leads you. What does that even mean? It means that you will carry your home in your mind because home is not defined by a physical place in your life this year. Rather, it is a state of mind.

This year, your ties with family and friends will become even stronger. You just need to make sure that you don’t cross that blurry line between being close and being too close. There is a limit to all relationships – remember that and set healthy boundaries. This year, you also need to break your personal barriers and chains and dream big.

Everything is a reality if you believe it to be! Push forward and achieve those dreams this year – that should be your ultimate goal for 2019.




The kind of attitude you have this year will define the kind of relationships you will have dear Libra. So you need to look around and see the kind of people who are your friends. Self reflection is what is needed in 2019. Take a good look at your social groups. Are these people you see yourself with in another 15 years? Do they add value to your life? Do you like them?

This year, don’t sit and let others call the shots to your life. Let people know you’re here, and you want to do things your way. If someone has a problem with it, time to cut them off. Just make sure that you are true to yourself in this process of self discovery and reflection. Your goal in 2019 should be to stop pleasing people and do what your heart tells you.

The more you have confidence in yourself and self worth, the more you will come across people who love you for who you are. In 2019, be true and be you.




They say that your tongue is the most powerful muscle in your body. It has the power to make or break lives. This is especially true in 2019. You are not one of the batooni ones. In fact, you speak when you have something powerful to say, otherwise you prefer to sit back and observe.

But this year, you need to try to be more expressive, even when words leave your side and you feel like there is nothing you can say. We don’t mean that you start talking absolute rubbish, we mean that it is time that you share your wisdom and learning with those who are willing to listen to you. Sometimes, it is also good to let the world know that you too, have a weaker, more vulnerable side. Being strong all the time is so tiring yaar, why would you do it all the time? Break down your inner barriers and connect with people who will help you see more, learn more and feel more.

Learn to trust a little more Scorpio, it isn’t so bad! We promise.




You know how some people are so vibrant that you can tell you love life – no matter what. Well, you’re that person. You love to live and would want to live forever if you could. This new year, you will live even larger! Woohoo! This year you will be more intense, more focused, more positive, more ambitious, more open and just more of everything good that life has to offer. 2019 is going to be one heck of an adventure for you dear Sag. Just one reminder, don’t let it all get to you. Yeah, you need to love yourself while you’re at your best, but don’t forget that there is a ground underneath your feet.

Sagittarius people, it is true that we all are a reflection of the things we have experienced while growing up. But the rules of culture and upbringing will not apply to you this year as you will channel your inner free spirit and live life to its full potential. 2019 is your year, live it, love it.




You’re used to carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and 2019 is not going to be any different unless you learn to say, “Enough is enough”. Everyone has a limit, but it seems like you practice none when it comes to giving a part of your goodness to the world. Some burdens are indeed yours to carry, but other burdens which don’t belong to you need to be lifted off or you’ll exhaust yourself. We know that it is all easier said than done, but the year will bring on a spark in you that will help you shake these extra responsibilities off of your shoulders.

Other than that, this year seems a little forgiving in terms of the tough exterior that you have built around yourself. You will want to laugh, play and joke around.

On a more serious note, some tough decisions will make their way to you this year, but don’t come under pressure and let logic leave your side. Your ability to reason and think logically will come in handy this time. Good luck!




Okay people, before you decide to break all the rules, you better learn them first. This coming year, what you will crave is routine and structure. A pattern of life you can depend on and conform to, just like the others around you. You seem to be tired of being the rebellious one out of all the zodiacs and this time, you want to be able to walk the path in one straight line.

Discipline, yes, that is the word for you this year. But discipline does not mean that you lose your individuality. Beware of family drama this year as it could bring you to your boiling point. Don’t go there. Don’t become that person this year. Try to make your relationships simple and transparent so there are no clashes.




You are one of those people in the Zodiac that are very hard not to love and adore. But lately, it has been a struggle. Go on, ask around and you’ll find out yourself from those who love you, that you’ve been a struggle to deal with this past year. But in the coming year, things seem a little different as the attention you are getting is positive and optimistic.

Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to reflect on yourself and point out areas where you need to work on your inner energies, strengths and weaknesses. Tell you what, the gap you need to bridge is actually between your private life and public life. That disconnect that you feel and others also feel is something that only you can work on, in order to strengthen your relationships with the world.

Don’t get paranoid though, it is very easy to get over whelmed by all the emotional turmoil that you might face this year. Just remember, it is better to question your own motives before you question anyone else.


How does the coming year look for you? We hope it’s fantastic! Happy New Year. Everyone.


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