Ladies, Here's The Perfect Shaadi Season Makeup Look For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Zainab Ali | 2 Jan, 2019

Okay guys, we all know shaadi season is here to stay, which means most of you are running around, trying to be innovative with your shaadi season makeup look. Well, I’ve got you, so look no further. I’ve broken down which makeup look you should opt for, based on your zodiac sign. You’re welcome.

Let’s get started.


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Aries are a bit impatient, but very determined. They are strong, kind and very loving. Since they pour there whole heart and passion into everything they do, this look is perfect for Aries. These warm lilac hues reflect their strong-mindedness, and focus. Besides, don’t you want to be the center of attention by opting for something a little different?


Source: Instagram/dressyourface

A Taurus doesn’t only love simplicity, but they also lead a very calm life. This shimmery yet elegant look is perfect for a Taurus’s loyal and conservative personality.



Geminis are very gentle, and affectionate. Although they may be a bit inconsistent in things they do or believe, they are also able to adapt to ideas and new environments. This subtle yet extremely attractive look works for them, because let’s face, they’ll know how to pull it off.



Because Cancers are intuitive, and sensitive, it sets them apart from other zodiac signs. They are highly imaginative as well as creative. This out of the box eye makeup look perfectly represents their innovative side. Go for it, folks!


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These natural leaders not only have a natural authoritative side to them, but they are also very warm and generous. They have an analytical side to them and an earnest humorous side as well. Their commanding personality is reflected in this bold makeup look. Very royal, very Leo.


Source: Instagram/dressyourface

These hardworking and realistic girls are very systematic in everything they do. Before taking any sort of decision or step, they evaluate every aspect. They’re complex, and obsessed with perfection. This look is absolutely more than perfect, just like them. It’s well thought-out and almost symmetrical. Not to mention it stands out. Go for it, girls!


Source: Instagram/dressyourface

A Libra is always in search for balance in their life. They’re very diplomatic and know how to act in what way with different types of people in their life. They also know that the focus for their makeup look should be either on the eyes or the lips to maintain that perfect balance, even in their appearance. Thus, this nude lip with a smokey-gold eye look is the ultimate Libra shaadi look.


Source: Pinterest/LacreMania

A Scorpio, as everyone can agree, is one of the most intense and expressive zodiac sign out there. Scorpios are rebellious, emotional and very passionate. Nothing captures their unbridled ferocity better than this smoky eye look. It brings out their strong attitude, yet the long lashes display a soft side.


Source: Instagram/dressyourface

These positive go-getters, always on the move, are full of energy. A Sagittarius always tries and finds happiness in places, and creates even the simplest outings an adventure. This flirty champagne shimmery eye look is a definite representative of that! Simple, yet dazzling.


Source: Instagram/Sanaxzaid

Capricorns are patient and resistant. They are disciplined and usually well mannered, which makes them very courteous. A matte look is unanimous with this respectful and calm personality, yet the bold lip choice shows their playful side as well. Best of both worlds, girls.


Source: Instagram/dressyourface

These are the real Miss Independents. These women tend to create their own path, rather than follow one already set. This makeup look is original and different, just like this zodiac sign. Since you’re all about innovating, you can take the reigns on this and really make the look your own.


Source: Pintesrest/swetuanapetuhova

These women are gentle and wise, and through their makeup, their artistic side comes out. This down to earth lip color, yet the whole universe on their eye lid personifies their character. 

Try out these looks and let us know how great you looked. Good luck, ladies!

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