11 Interesting Things We Found Out About Eva Zu Beck After Her Recent Exclusive Interview

By Maliha Khan | 2 Jan, 2019

2018 was the year of people that went viral. Travel-enthusiast, Eva Zu Beck, was one of those people. She arose from what seems like nowhere and overnight became a sensation with the help of PIA and their Kiki challenge video.

The host of Keera Insight, Ather Ahmed, on MangoBaaz Off-Script got the chance to interview Pakistan’s most beloved foreigner.

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Here are the 11 interesting things we got to learn about her from her interview:

1. Her middle name is Bianka.

The interview starts off with the host introducing Eva to the audience, and he includes her middle name, Bianka. She is surprised he knew her middle name and he says all he had to do was Google it and it came up. That just goes to prove how much traction and exposure Eva has gotten over the last few months on social media.

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 2. Traveling is her “career”.

She creates content day and night through the means of traveling. She has always been interested in learning about South Asia –  Pakistan, India, and Iran, in particular.

3. She is fluent in five different languages.

Eva is originally from Poland so Polish is her first language. She moved to England at a young age and was brought up there, which is where she learned English. She then learned French, Italian, and German through her years in school.

Damn, girl!

Via Youtube

4. This is her second trip to Pakistan.

Her first trip only lasted 11 days, so she knew she had to come back a second time to travel other parts of Pakistan. Her second trip has lasted over 6 months.

Looks like someone loves it here.

5. The Kiki challenge video was not her idea.

She had reached out to PIA in hopes of getting a free airline ticket. She mentioned a lot of travel bloggers work with companies in terms of exchange. In exchange for a free airline ticket, she agreed to make the Kiki challenge video.

I think we can all agree that something like that might not happen again.

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6. She has traveled to almost every corner of Pakistan besides Kashmir and Chitral.

The girl knows more names of places in Pakistan than I do and I was born in Pakistan…Gotta brush up on those skills, damn.

7. Eva once swam in the water that borders Iran and came to the realization she was only a few miles from the place.

Ather went on to mention he didn’t even know a place like that existed (truth be told, neither did I).

Via Youtube

8. She highly respects the existing crew of social media inflencers in Pakistan, especially the female influencers.

Some of her favorites include Mooroo, Umar, Anita Jalil Baloch, Safaa In Transit, and Girl With Green Passport.

9. Eva believes her popularity roots from the fact that she speaks only positively about the places she visits.

She considers herself to be a positive person overall, which then gets translated to her content.

10. Her social media accounts have surpassed in numbers than those of the company she used to work for.

She was in charge of social media marketing for a travel company, which is where her passion for traveling comes from. The company she used to work for is now planning a trip to Pakistan in the next few months and she hopes it is due to her success in Pakistan.

Via Youtube

11. She was once sitting in the middle of a heated debate about land dispute and had guns pointed at her.

You’re going to have to watch the full interview to get the full scoop on this story.

Watch the full interview here: 

Don’t know about you guys, but we LOVE her. Let us know what you think!

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