I'm Sorry For Spoiling 2019 Already But Sham Idrees And Froggy Just Had Their Nikkah In A Grand Ceremony

By Maliha Khan | 1 Jan, 2019

If you haven’t been on the roller coaster we like to call Sham and Froggy’s relationship, then you might want to pop your head from under that rock of yours. Let me give you a quick rundown on their relationship or lack thereof in the beginning.


They started off by being just “friends”.

If there’s one thing my desi parents taught is, it is a guy and girl can’t just be “friends”. They refused every relationship rumor that came their way and claimed their only title was each other’s best friend.

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Sham hit one million subscribers on his Youtube channel and challenged his followers to help him reach two million by his birthday.

The deal was Sham would ask for Froggy’s hand in marriage if they were able to make it happen.

Via @shamidreesvlogs / YouTube


Then they had an accident, which brought a lot of attention and drama their way.

The accident left the two of them and a friend in pretty bad shape. They stuck it out with each other through thick and thin including this dark event in their lives.

Via @shamidreesvlogs / YouTube


Apparently Sham’s didn’t really want him and Froggy to be together, because he did not meet his goal.

After this Sham began to tease he would be proposing to a special lady in his life and he began to introduce the different options he had in mind in his videos. Prank pey prank kiya Sham bhai nai Froggy pey.

Via @queenfroggy / YouTube


The “special” lady turned out to be none other than Queen Froggy herself.

Unfortunately, she rejected his proposal. Shortly after the rejection, he began a weird series going in depth about her life. In the series, he spoke to family members and friends and the last video revealed her real name.

Via @aryantechtube / YouTube


Sham proposed for the second time after getting to hear why Froggy rejected the proposal the first time.

Her personal reasons stood in the way of her making such a huge commitment to Sham, but after discussing them she said yes the second time. Like seriously hadh hogai hai pehle dafa haan kar deyti.

Via @shamidreesvlogs / YouTube


The two of them sat down and gave their viewers details about their upcoming wedding-related ceremonies.

Ummm…Doesn’t this all seem a little too planned? Like everything fell into place at the right time? They even continued to prank each other a week before their planned nikkah date.

Source: reviewit.pk


Now the moment we have all been waiting for…

Well, the second most important moment we’ve all been waiting for. Their official engagement ceremony took place yesterday.

Damnnnn… They make a fine ass couple



Even their hashtag is perfect


They went pretty fancy with the event and I’m not complaining

Family and friends gathered about them on their special day

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We even got to witness a dance number from Sham


The event seems like it went over very successfully and their fans were wishing the best on this new journey

Yooo.. No need to roast them on their special day

Congratulations from all of us

*Lifetime of love, happiness, and vlogs lol

This fan even made a whole collage for them

Here’s a teaser of their nikkah that just took place as well


Watch their engagement vlog here:

Have you gotten tried of Shroggy yet?


Sham And Froggy Just Tried To Prank Each Other A Week Before Their Nikkah And Quick, Somebody Find Some Rat Poison


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Cover image via @shamidreesvlogs / YouTube

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