Literally EVERYTHING You Need To Know About People With The Zodiac Sign Capricorn

By Nai Dulhan | 30 Dec, 2018

Brrr, someone get us a kambal and garma garam chai because we are in the mood to sit back and tell you everything you need to know about the star sign Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th.) So let’s get right into the fun stuff.

They will not tell you that they are better than you, they will show you.

Level headed, cool, composed and calculating, a Capricorn is one heck of a worker ant. These people are hard working and depend on their will power and ambition to serge forward. This goat of the mountains has a destination in their mind and they will not stop until they reach it.

Though they have a modern outlook on life, they are very traditional at heart.

Using these traits is their idea of the perfect trick they need to achieve success in their life, one day at a time. Capricorns are caring and rather conservative. They are known to be givers and guiders. These people like to work hard and play hard so think before you mess with their head strong selves.


Capricorn is ruled by the traits of the mountain goat. And ya’ll know how strong headed and persistent that bad boy is.

These people fuel their energy by their will power, determination and focus. They will lock their target and just go for it, without thinking too much about the negatives. Because why should they when there is even one positive present? Basically, they just need a reason to excel and speed forward. It may cost an arm and leg to get to the final destination, but a Capricorn will bloody well do it because they are that resilient.

This star sign will not really adopt the routes that have not been experienced before.

They map things out and plan ahead even if it is a simple task. And these sturdy goats will then stick to their plan, no matter what, even if it takes them longer to get to their destination. The true meaning of a Capricorn family is a mixture of love, loyalty, structure, tradition, family, hard work and honesty. These are people of high esteem and integrity, maintaining poise even if they are torn apart inside.

What does the Capricorn sign really represent?


The Capricorn sign represents the mountain goat featuring the fish tail. This star sign is marked by the descending and ascending of the Capricorn personality onto greater heights. The other prominent trait represented by the mountain goat sign is their resilience, determination and ambition.

Capricorn’s ruling planet

As the tenth sign of the zodiac,  Capricorn individuals are knows to be composed, conscientious and calculated. The ruling planet under the star sign is Saturn and people born under the influence of Saturn are usually self driven and ambitious. They have their eyes on the big prize and will put in their 100% to achieve it.

Source: Tumblr

The Capricorn personality largely represents the value of time and responsibility.

These people are usually very traditional and composed by nature. Some may even consider them rather serious but that is just their outer persona, the opposite of which by the way, will only be known to a few special people.

Capricorns are fearlessly independent and like to do things on their own.

They don’t need someone to whine to or make them feel all better when they’re under the weather. They will take care of that themselves. This makes them calm, cool and confident, both in their personal and professional lives. This ability to control themselves makes them fantastic planners and managers. They constantly learn from their mistakes and achieve everything based on their personal experiences.


This star sign which belongs to the element of Earth is truly one that has risen from deep soils. They are grounded, calm and practical.

They do make the most efficient use of the world that we live in and what all it has to offer. On the other hand, this earthiness also makes them rather stubborn and hard to move sometimes, especially if they have made up their mind about something in a relationship. They struggle with the value system and may even become too aggressive in pushing their point of view across.

Capricorns can be understanding and practical, but can also be cold, distant and unforgiving.

They really need to learn to forgive in order to move on in life and maintain healthy relationships. This zodiac sign operates by its own thinking, logic and intellect to gather all the facts and figures before they can make a calculated decision about their next move.


Capricorns are confident about themselves, have a larger than life approach and want to do big things in life.

They are mature for their years, wise, sensible and will not remain in a superficial world of fantasies. So much so, people come to them for advice. They exercise self-discipline and value those who are bent upon making their goals a reality. Huge respect! You will never find them taking things casually or lightly as they are always focused.

Once they set their heart on something, they will devise a whole plan to execute and achieve it. There’s no hurry, because they will take their sweet time to get to perfection.

Time is something that they don’t take for granted and will allocate it according to the task at hand. Whatever makes their life stable and constant, they will seek to achieve it, no matter how much time it takes. Impulsive behavior is not a trait that they possess.


No matter how much a Capricorn achieves, it will never be enough for them.

They will always have a goal that they need to achieve. This stems from an innate stubbornness. If they feel that they are doing things in the right way, then bas, sahi raasta hee wohi hai. They will hardly ever change the way they think or approach a problem.

Capricorns are good at communicating, but they are also very shy, because of which it takes them some time to open up.

Although there is nothing wrong with being shy, their cautious nature might be mistaken for an attitude problem sometimes – but this doesn’t stop them from being cautious. Ahh well, what can ya do?

Capricorns ke dil ka haal

The best matches for Capricorn lovers are Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces and Virgo. The worst matches are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Source: Magic – KSHMR/

Capricorns look for lovers who are hard working, traditional and look forward to earning their share of living.

They’re perfect for people who are looking for a long term commitment, loyalty and love. Since they have some serious leadership qualities, they are reliable, foreseeing and faithful as well. Time is something that they are willing to invest into a relationship and if you are considering dating a Capricorn, you gotta put in the hours to earn their love and trust.


These peeps are big on love and very generous as well – only once they’re sure!

Since they love tradition, they will be turned on by the whole rituals of pre-dating wooing, then formally dating, then getting the families involved only once they are sure of their decision. Let’s just say they like to follow the “rules” of romance and love.


Self-love tips: A direct message for all Capricorns out there.

  • You like intellect and wit – don’t put up with anything less. You are intellectual, and love to have talks about the deeper stuff. Shallow banter doesn’t impress you. This makes you extremely smart and intriguing to talk to. Keep that in mind.
  • You are calm, composed, independent and like your life to be that way. This means that you don’t like unnecessary confrontations and will distance yourself from people who try to disrupt your peace.
  • You are honest, although sometimes it might come and bite you in the butt, but it’s worth it.
  • You are grounded and don’t forget that at any time when talking to anyone – like anyone!

Are you a Capricorn? Or do you know any Capricorns around you? How on-point is this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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