11 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need A Capricorn Bae In Your Life

By Aam Nawab | 23 Dec, 2018

Haiiii, them romanchik sardi feels are here and we know ya’ll need a bae to cuddle with. Come on! Who doesn’t? Well, you’re in luck because Capricorn season is here and we’re going to give you a low down on all the reasons why you need a Capricorn bae in your life.

1. They will tolerate some serious shit and still have a smile on their face

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The earth sign is calm by nature. This makes them avoid confrontations like the plague. They will tolerate any zulm with the ultimate patience and you won’t even know a storm went over them. This also makes them very understanding and empathetic. These people will hardly ever lose their cool. A Capricorn person is very in-tuned with the environment that they are in and will try their best to keep the mood light and airy.

However, don’t take this trait for granted and expect that they will put up with whatever the fuck you do to them. If you take your shit too far, Capricorns will put you back in your aukaat. When the going gets too tough for them, they will show their assertive side to you.

2. They’re always prepared to sweep you off of your feet

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If you’re laid back, too lazy to go through the trouble of planning a date night or a casual get together, a Capricorn partner is your person. They will plan everything from A to Z and all you have to do is arrive to the scene looking fly. Capricorns are super organized and have a flare for kick-ass parties and heck, life planning – and they don’t even have to be a bossy little bitch about it. If plan A fails, a Capricorn will almost always have plan B already chalked out and ready to execute to perfection. They work hard, so don’t take them lightly because they will take these plans very VERY seriously and sweep you off your feet for sure.

3. They will support you no matter what…

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Capricorns live to support their family and will go to all lengths to make them feel loved, cared for and understood. These people are wafadaar, emotionally stable and very loving. The flame of love doesn’t burn out easily for these people and they will stand by your side forever and ever. The support and love that they offer to bring to the table is unmatched.

4. They are emotionally stable

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Only God knows how much THAT is needed in a relationship, because come on, this world is enough to make anyone cray cray! Capricorns are known to be level headed. These people will not lose their shit and let their emotions run wild before they hear the other side of the story. They will make informed decisions with the utmost calculation and patience – even if infidelity is involved. Damn!

A Capricorn will only decide to act once they are satisfied that they have heard and seen it all. Acting out of jazbaat is not their cuppa tea and they might just scare you with their calmness, especially if you’ve fucked up real bad.

5. They are what you can call a friend indeed

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Before love comes into the picture, Capricorns will be a loving friend to you. They will give you their 100%, even if it is making their life hell. And you know what; the most beautiful thing about them is that they will never expect you to return the favor. These people are kind, generous and loving – until you stretch their patience too far.

6. They might seem shy and introverted, but they’re really not

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Capricorns might come off as distant, shy and not very talkative. They will make sure to trust the person completely before they show you the real them. Fun, spontaneous and totally out of this world, Capricorns are some of the most fun people to be around – if they trust you, that is.

7. They LOVE the courtship process

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It is almost as if these people want to be trapped in the ropes of love. They will enjoy you wooing them with your charm and play along decently. A little effort will make a big impact on these not so fussy souls. A simple candle lit dinner and a stem of rose will be enough to make them melt. Give them your time and attention and they will be yours forever.

8. They get turned on by intellect…

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Oh bhains, phans gai na ab? These people will not be impressed by mindless gossip or small talk. You talk sense to them and you will make sense to them. These people like deep, meaningful conversations about life, love and everything in between. Anyone willing to have an intelligent conversation with them will woo them away immediately. After all, intellect is pretty sexy isn’t it? Well, Capricorns seem to think so for sure!

9. They don’t like shocks and surprises

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If you want to be on good terms with a Capricorn, try to do things in the traditional, conventional way. They don’t do so well with untimely surprises and shocks. They want the truth and will believe what is in front of them. If a skeleton happens to jump out of your closet, they will be scared and not pleased at all. Moreover, they like to follow societal norms. So anything that is not approved by society will make them very uncomfortable.

10. They’ll lead if you can’t

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A Capricorn will not shy away from asserting their love or dedication. In love, they will work on the relationship, nurture it and protect it so they can see it blossom one day. For this, they are ready to take the lead and guide a potential partner about all the ways they can rise up and up in the clouds of love.

11. They are very VERY passionate… Ahem. 

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One touch and you might even see physical fireworks between you two. But don’t expect too much creativity when the lights go out because these folks like to be pretty basic with all things related to love and kink.

Okay, so that pretty much wraps up why Capricorns make for such great baes. Do you know a Capricorn you want as a bae already? Tag them in the comments below!

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