Ladies, Here's What You're Like During Your Periods, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Maliha Khan | 27 Apr, 2019

I can already see the “admin, tell your sister to talk about periods” comments being typed under this article, but hey, it’s all good. This is normal. As a woman that goes through a whole lot of pain, discomfort, and blood once a month, I know I can turn into a monster but also an emotional wreck all at the same time. Let’s find out what you’re like on your period according to your zodiac sign.


Have you ever seen an Aries relaxing in bed or taking a night off from partying? Well, neither have I. And you guessed it right – their period isn’t going to stop them either. They will continue to burn up the dance floor and take nature hikes even if they are bleeding buckets of blood (hopefully they can help a vampire in need of blood amidst their hike). It literally isn’t in their blood to stop their everyday lives due to a minor obstruction we like to call mother nature. Can’t kill their vibe.

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Oh, bring on the chocolate, because your favorite Taurus will be ripping through candy bar after candy bar. The week of their period, they want to be treated like queens and you must obey their every request (be prepared – they have many). They understand the importance of why a period exists and they do not shy away from letting the masses know how crucial they are to the process. Be prepared to deliver the Taurus in your life a basket of their favorite goods the week of their period.

Fun fact – they have zero self-awareness regarding all of this.

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You know the women that just can’t stop talking about their feelings and how much pain they’re in? Well those women definitely belong to this zodiac sign. These women will let you know exactly what their pains are like and trust me they will explain it in rather detail if you’re willing to listen. Earplugs around them that time of the month are highly recommended.

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Let the tears roll in and the tissue boxes disappear because your Cancer friend will be an emotional wreck. She can’t control how she’s feeling, because you know – hormones and estrogen levels – and anyone around her is going to have to hear her sappy stories. Aside from tossing tissues into the garbage, she may be tossing remote controls at your head if you get her mad enough. Be very careful of a Cancer on her period.

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You thought you couldn’t stand Cancers on their periods, you thought wrong. Leos will give any of the other signs a run for their money because they truly are the worst. They believe it is their right to have things their way or no way at all, even when they are not on their periods. Just imagine what it’s like when they are. Be prepared for them to interfere in every single issue and do not hold their opinions to themselves. They will be super intolerable for these few days.

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It is not in their nature to be vocal about how they feel and they just always seem to go with the flow as long as it feels right. Be prepared to not even know when a Virgo is on their period because not even one tear will be shed or a single tantrum will be thrown. They are practical about why periods are important and they have learned to face the pain.

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Once a flirt, always a flirt. Libras will tease their partners, even on their periods, only for their partners to find out the third base or home runs are not an option for a few days. Even though they are sociable and outgoing most days of the month, they like to spend their menstrual days home or in a comfortable environment so the raging witches in them do not show through.

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You do not want to cross a Scorpio on their period, because they will run you over with their cars. The week they are on their periods, they will turn every petty issue into a full-blown, drama-filled situation and we all know nobody wants to be a part of that. Scorpios are just impulsive and resentful especially when emotions are feelings are involved, so please be careful.

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These carefree Sag’s are what we all want to be, but just not during our periods. These are the ladies that are running out to the stores to buy feminine products with stains because they forgot when they were supposed to get their period. Woman, get a period tracking app. Aside from the irresponsibility, they are pretty tolerable on their periods.

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Miserable is the best way to describe them on their periods. They just don’t care to be in a good mood or if anybody else is in a bad mood because of them, the world revolves around their cramps and uterus when they are on their period. Me, myself, and I are their favorite words during that time of the month.

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You thought Scorpios were mysterious? Well, that award gets handed down to Aquarians on their period. Once that time of the month hits, you have no idea when you will find of these women. They seem to disappear – or hibernate might be a better word. They prefer to be left alone and that’s just how it goes with them.

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Kind and pure are the typical words you would use to describe Pisces, but during their periods they are totally different creatures. They become vocal and trust me they do not hold anything in. A Pisces on their period is an open invitiation to harsh advice and criticism. Are you ready for that challenge?

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So, ladies, what sort of creature do you turn into on your period? Let us know!

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