Here's What Your Instagram Behavior Is Like According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Masooma Haider | 25 May, 2019

Instagram being the ‘thing’ of today’s times, it won’t be wrong to say that people have already built stereotypes of Instagram habits and behavior. From the ones who casually slide into your DMs, to those who LITERALLY post something everyday and then those who have to comment on every single post they ever come across – it really is a vibrant world out there! And unsurprisingly, our zodiac signs have a lot to say on the subject too, mainly by reflecting on personality traits and their social media reactions.

So let’s take a look at what your zodiac sign says about your Instagram habits:


These guys are super loud and active on Instagram, they live on memes and bombard you with funny videos through DMs. They’re often guilty of photoshopping pictures to extreme lengths, their crops and cuts and sizing can almost never be argued against. So their pictures are the sleek and stylish, the real game-changers.

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Not blaming anyone out there, but our Taurus buddies are known to be… ehm ehm… slightly materialistic. They will always show off their fancy cafes ka khaana, their designer kapray and jootay, basically everything extravagant happening in their lives. They’re also known to be big time stalkers, the kind who end up on their crush ki khala ke betay ke dost ki profile! Yup, it’s pretty intense.

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Often known as ‘social media royalty’, these guys really make you wonder what you’re doing with your life! Their constant coverage of their own glorious lives is mostly done in a way that you’ll never really figure out their true emotional state. They’ll share almost everything via their InstaStories, but really, most of it is a facade. I know what you’re thinking, it’s time to go and see if some of those fancy photographers you follow, who make everything look perfect, are actually Geminis or not?!

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Emotions shuru aur khatam hote hain Cancerians pe. These guys are sentimental, overthinking souls who find ultimate peace in reminiscing their past. They’d give up anything to relive the past, for which they LOVE posting throwbacks. So the throwback Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays etc all come from these guys. Either that, or they’re ALL about the new senti quote of the day.

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These are the profiles that thrive only and solely on selfies. Whether taken in the bathroom, under the bright sunlight or in a dimly lit restaurant, even mirror selfies for that matter, these guys top the selfie game! Well we have to credit their confidence, because hasn’t the selfie posting trend started fading recently?

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Now let’s come to the serious, no-shits-given souls in our lives. They want the world to believe they’re too busy to have fun and couldn’t care less about the whole social media buzz. So these guys either never post, or post super rarely. Remember those accounts that request to follow you but have zero posts themselves. I always think, yaar aapko follow kar ke kia faida hoga?

Source: Deedle Dee Productions



Our Libra friends love to keep peace and motivate others. So all the inspirational quotes you see flooding your feeds, well now you know who they come from! The Rumis, the Mark Twains, the Oprah Winfreys and the Iqbals. Yup, it’s all there.

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These guys are surely the most competitive, they want their profiles to outshine everyone’s they know. Their emotional streak makes them act on whim sometimes, after which they sometimes end up deleting already posted stuff. Because obviously, kam likes milay tou kia karenge? But, oof. They’re def out for the likes…and attention.

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These guys have the most rangeen profiles ever. They’re majorly known to always post their travel diaries with every single detail, starting from the bus rides to the bathroom ke interior ka look. They also follow lots of random pages and profiles and are probably always online. And they’re the braver-than-brave souls who actually do Instagram Live Chats. I mean wow, sometimes there’s like one person watching those things.

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It would be fair to call them the vain few of the lot. They’re supposedly concerned about appearances, which means they’re extra careful about the stuff they post. Some might end up having interesting profiles due to the whole phoonk phoonk ke qadam rakhna scenario, but usually their profiles are quite predictable.

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Our Aquarius buddies are their own marzi ke maaliks. They post controversial quotes, comment on politics, write super long InstaStory captions to prove their point. They do whatever they want to, and no one’s opinion can make them budge. Yes, they’re the leaders, the true visionaries. And their Instagram reflects that, too.

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We’ve all heard about how dreamy and poetic these guys are. They know exactly how to express themselves, which often results in thorough, well-thought comments coming from them. Their sarcasm can often be dark, which gets them pretty high up in the meme game as well! Basically, their profiles can either be super emo or super fun. Have fun figuring out what you’re gonna get at that point in time.

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Some of you might relate to all these if you’re literally always on Instagram, but you’re surely unique in your own way! Did we get your Insta-habits right? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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