Here's EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The Libra In Your Life

By Nai Dulhan | 14 Oct, 2018

Hello mango people! Libra month’s been hovering for a while now and it’s time for all you Libra babies to come out and celebrate your birthdays. As a gift to you, we’ve compiled everything that you need to know about the star sign Libra.

So let’s get into it, shall we?


Libra: A warrior’s mentality with a poet’s soul


Libras are charming and vivacious people, but that is only their outer self. Their inner self is all about finding peace, maintaining the right balance and being fair. These people are in a perpetual effort and fight with themselves and the world to find gentleness and harmony in everything that they pursue. They like the steadiness of life and will go to any length to maintain it.

Libra people are happiest when they are able to share their life with a loving partner who sees the world with the same eyes as they do. They absolutely hate being alone and will shower their other half with limitless love – but still make sure that equality and justice are served where due. Fondness for calm environments, diplomacy and graciousness are traits that come naturally to these individuals and you can count on them to look at every situation from an objective eye.


What does the Libra star sign really represent?


Dates: 23rd September to 22nd October

The star sign is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and along with the star signs of Gemini and Aquarius, is an Air sign. People who belong to the Air sign usually have linear thinking. They think logically and are usually intellectually driven with the ability to process even the most challenging ideas. The symbol quite literally depicts the scales of justice, representing their need to seek harmony, alongside a balanced life and peace.


Libra’s ruling planet


This Air sign is ruled by the planet Venus. The planet Venus represents love and beauty. This is exactly why a Libra’s personality is gentle and kind. Libra’s love for beauty, art, and culture is influenced by its ruling planet. Thanks to this influence, a Libra person will feel their best when they’re creativity encompasses their existence.


So, what’s a Libra like?

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Libra personalities are typically very charming and posses a lot of physical and emotional energy. Good news is that they are also pretty big on romance and showing/receiving loving gestures from the one they love. People love to be around these people because they’re always connecting and engaging with them. It is no doubt that this charm comes naturally to them and that makes them utterly irresistible and great company to have a good time with. Their best quality is their ability to be diplomatic and fair in all their dealings while maintaining peace as well.

Libra folks are known to have a kick-ass personal style – from their clothes to the way they present themselves in a gathering, to the way they speak – it is easy to get swept away by their wit and charm. People want to know them, be their friend and be the apple of their eye because they’re so darn cool. They’re able to stand out in a crowd with their charisma and politeness – people just can’t get enough of them.

But that is only until they are rubbed the wrong way. Because of their eye for fairness,  Libra people always have a sense of justice in the back of their minds and this makes them prone to losing their temper whenever they see injustice or unfairness with themselves or another person.

It is safe to say that their intentions are always pure and all they want is equal treatment for everyone. They’re ultimately people who strive for harmony and live for love.


Characteristics of a typical Libra 

Source: Big Ticket Television

The most notable characteristic of a Libra is their kindness, diplomacy and their need for personal and social justice. Libras are not fond of getting into complicated confrontations and fights. They think and operate in a linear manner and are able to differentiate their blacks and whites. Peacemaking runs in their blood and they will go to any length to make sure that tranquility is maintained. Libras work best in teams and are not happy working alone. For this very reason, they make good partners and team leaders.

A Libra will take their time in making important decisions. They will not succumb to the external pressures and make sure they weigh the pros and cons of the decision at stake. Some people might say that this makes them indecisive but in actuality, they just like to take the road based on facts and logic. In their efforts to maintain peace, a Libra might change their opinions quickly and stifle all arguments.


Zodiac compatibility


Libra folks are the most compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius individuals.


What’s a Libra like in a relationship?

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Libras are big on romance and love. They’re charming, charismatic and have a wonderful sense of humor. The most important thing for a Libra is to maintain a loving and balanced relationship with their partner. On the whole, they make great partners in a relationship. However, due to the indecisiveness of their character, they might complicate things for themselves from time to time.


Self-love tip: Important reasons why Libras need to love themselves

Source: Wondaland Records / YouTube
  • You’re able to make everyone feel at ease. People adore you and love being in your company. You are happiest when you are in a room full of people.
  • You’re creative. You have a natural knack of spotting color combinations, art, and patterns that go unnoticed by other people. Your creativity is a gift – use it to your full advantage
  • You communicate well. You try to keep conversations as simple and transparent as possible. This makes you good at dealing with difficult conversations as your charisma comes into play.
  • You will never hesitate to try something new. Everything is exciting to you and you’re always up for a good adventure
  • You’re never alone. Because you love to be around people, you always manage to keep yourself busy and entertained.


Are you a Libra? Or do you know any Libras around you? How on-point is this? Let us know in the comments section below.


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