Rumors Circulating About Sania Mirza Giving Birth Have Finally Been Addressed By Shoaib Malik

By Sajeer Shaikh | 14 Oct, 2018

Ah yes, the era of social media spreading unconfirmed news. Can’t even spare a pregnant lady.

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Imagine being Sania Mirza right now. You’re chilling, probably looking at your swollen belly, mentally prepping yourself for the excruciating pain that will follow when you eventually give birth. (Or, if you’re mid-child-birth, you’re probably yelling.)

You check social media to distract yourself, if you can. And you find out you’ve already given birth to a baby boy. AND there’s a picture of the kid, too.


If only things worked like that, ya know? But hey, let me give you guys some background info about what really happened.

Basically, there have been posts on social media about how Sania Mirza has already given birth. 

Matlab, full detail main kisi aur ke bache ki tasweer bhi lagayi hui hai. I’m pretty sure that’s not okay? I mean, good for the kid. Abhi se famous hogaya. But, uh…that’s still someone else’s kid, though, right? Did anyone check with Sania?

Acha, very conveniently, there are videos regarding the same news.

This isn’t also the only video I found, btw. Also, who is this random baby? Matlab, there are posts dedicated to the baby itself.

Also, these videos and posts are the reason why my mom keeps asking me why we haven’t broken the news regarding Sania and Shoaib’s kid yet. Because it’s probably fake news, mom. JEEZ.

Via Tenor

And as much as we want to celebrate the birth of this gem that is the amalgamation of two sister nations, we’re all going to have to wait. Sania hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

^If it helps, this was posted a day ago.

Shoaib Malik, however, has given a statement. 

You hear that, folks? They’ll let us know. We need to chill.

Moreover, as this news has spread, publications and fans are taking it upon themselves to debunk this alleged fake news. Posts counteracting this news have also started circulating.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

I get it, folks. Excitement hai over the baby being born. But you can’t just wish someone else’s baby into this world, you know? And you can’t just share a stock image of a child and say it’s Sania and Shoaib’s. Matlab, kuch bhi?

Khair, we’re glad Shoaib gave a statement. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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