These Are The Most Common Traits Associated With Your Zodiac Sign, According To People's Google Searches

By Mubasshir Ijaz | 29 Dec, 2018

Okay, look. I’m a student. For me, Google is the answer to EVERYTHING. And yeah, I was kinda looking for stuff related to my zodiac sign and I typed my star sign followed by “are.” A bunch of stuff popped up. It got me thinking. This probably applies to each sign, right? And with Google’s algorithm, there’s got to be some science to it. So I did this for every zodiac sign out of curiosity.

Here’s what Google thinks are the most common things associated with your zodiac sign:


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This sign is highly ambitious and usually doesn’t let anything or anyone get in their way so maybe that’s the reason people associate you with being cold, stubborn and mean. Yikes…


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A unique and eccentric sign, I think everyone would agree to this. Aquarians are self-reflecting and scientific in their reflections trying to look for meanings and connections to things. This type of self-reflection can make them emotionless and manipulative because they often lack the emotions involved in their choices. They make choices based on pros and cons rather than emotions. But they can be extremely loyal to the ones they truly love.


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The dreamers, the romantics, and the empaths. Your humanitarian nature is why people feel so attracted towards you but at the same time you can be very emotional, needy and indecisive this tends to annoy people. But we can really do with more people like you in the world.


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Sorry guys, I guess you’re not associated with too many kind adjectives. Maybe it’s because of your short temper and highly competitive nature. But hey, no hard feelings. You do you.


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This sign loves luxury and stability. Anyone who can give them peace is their friend and anyone who takes it away should prepare for their rath. It’s hard to make them angry. But, if you do, you are in for a storm. So they are the best for the ones they get along with and the worst for their enemies.


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Being called two-faced is a little ironic, seeing as that’s literally the zodiac sign’s logo. Geminis are great at conversations, are naturally charming and they love being the center of attention. But whenever they see a situation that does not favor them they become defensive, they go into their shells and their behavior changes or they would often just leave the situation completely. So because of that nature, they are often thought to be two-faced or evil. Sorry.


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People seem to be confused about their opinions. On one hand you’re loyal and to some, you’re a cheater, Cancers are very emotional and often insecure about their relationships. They usually only lie to save their relationships from dying so I think that people have you confused because your insecurities often keep you from being who you really are.


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This sign loves luxury and the finer things in life. They are loyal but are also very selfish, they try to be honest but often find themselves fighting between their desires and the right way to achieve them. So, their desires and ambitions can make them lie to their loved ones if they aren’t satisfied with what they have. There’s a lot of confusion as far as what you’re really like is concerned, but that’s just something that comes with the whole package.


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This sign is caring and fun, But at the same time they can care too much and get obsessive about the health, safety, and progress of their loved ones, which can make them come off as stubborn and selfish but in truth they usually aren’t. They get pushy because they want to help you see the best in yourself.


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They are humanitarians by nature. They want to be heard but they never want to lead. They usually make decisions that will benefit everyone but they take too much time making those decisions which can make them come off as lazy, scheming or absent-minded. Because of their absent-mindedness and indecisiveness, they are usually to slow to help people out so they come off as selfish.


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This sign is extreme – they give it their all or nothing. But if you cross them, then remember – they invented the term ‘vendetta’ and they never forget. They are also often the victim of paranoia, thinking about threats that aren’t quite there. All these qualities can make people judge you too soon.


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They are one of the nicest people you will meet. But they need their space or they start to get rude. They love to travel and meet intellectual people because they like to learn new things. So you’re mostly associated with good things.


So, there you have it. Do you think most of this applies, or do you think Google’s messing with you? Let us know in the comments.

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