Ladies, Here's What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About How Loyal You Are To Your Bae

By Masooma Haider | 8 Jan, 2019

Falling in love, forming relationships and living up to them every single day can be quite a journey for women of any age group. For warm-hearted romantics, it’s more of a joyous process, while for those who easily get tired of things, it may be a real task. Through an understanding of character traits, our zodiac signs also interpret how different women behave when they’re in love and how easily their loyalty can be challenged by their partner’s actions or the mere situation they find themselves in.

Let’s take a look at what your zodiac sign says about your loyalty towards your partner:



Aries women are known to have busy, energetic brains. They’re always blunt about what they feel about their partner and never afraid to speak their mind in complete honesty.

They constantly want newness and adventure in their relationship, which means that if they’re ever contained or taken for granted by a partner, it might ring some danger bells for them. So even though loyalty may run strong with them, a slight trigger could cause things to fall apart.

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Generally guarded, once their partner gets to know them well, Taurus women don’t remain mysterious for long. They crave love and stability, and when they receive it, their partners don’t have a hard time living up to their expectations!

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Since they’re youthful and honest mostly, one can’t really hold them down. They want their way around things, and if they feel like they’re not getting the best from their partner, they won’t think long before parting from them. Physical intimacy is also not a guarantee for them sticking around for long!

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These ladies are usually big on loyalty. They give away themselves so much in love, that they become a little too vulnerable in front of their partners. They’re also happy to wholly bond with one person, and share themselves entirely with them. It is said that when a Cancer woman is alone with her partner, she somehow creates a magical world of their own, excluding the world at length.

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If a Leo woman falls in true love, there’s no coming back. She plunges into it with all her heart and soul, her world literally revolves around her partner. And when that happens, she’s naturally very committed and has high expectations. Thus, even though chances of disloyalty are rare, if her rules are bent, the lioness may give a tough time, and rightly so!

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Otherwise known as universal perfectionists, Virgo women have high morals and values. They’ll sacrifice and compromise for their partner, but casualness doesn’t work for them. If you’re in it, you’re in it for real, cause these women like their men to be LOYAL.

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Now these women aren’t exactly who we would call easy to love. They take their own time falling for someone, and will be skeptical for a long time to come. So their partners will really need to up their game to earn their trust. Since they have immense clarity about what they want from life, if they don’t get it, their selfish streak won’t take long to reveal itself.

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Here’s another example of a woman who gives up herself entirely in love. She feels the passion deep in her bones, she’s possessive about her partner, and she only wants to belong to him. Between all the intensity, if she sniffs something odd and becomes jealous, it won’t be too easy to win her trust back. She won’t forgive easily.

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The Sagittarius woman has her love floating around in different directions. Her parents, siblings, best friend(s), everyone basically. And she doesn’t feel for them in a normal, usual way that every other girl does, she’s fierce about it. And in the process, she may become a bit too pushy to keep everyone happy, compromising her partner’s importance sometimes.

Well, what can we say, try and keep her busy with yourself mostly!

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Our Capricorn buddies are the serious, straightforward, not much of risk-takers kind. They’ll remain loyal as long as their partners do. However, keeping her uninformed about things may bring forth her wrath as she doesn’t deal well with panic and fear.

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This one may need constant reassurances of security. She’s vivacious and unpredictable, and if her personality feels threatened or overshadowed by her partner’s, she’ll be happy to break up. So to the boys out there, here’s a girl you can’t force to stick along against her will, because she takes her decisions and she takes them with pride.

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As the true, universal romantics, Pisces women have straight rules. If they feel pressured, disrespected, or judged, it won’t last too long for them. They don’t easily trust or commit, they need time, assurance and clarity to keep their loyalty intact.

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Whatever a woman’s personality may be, it is pretty obvious that as long as she feels respected in a relationship, she’ll be up for the game. The moment her boundaries are intruded, well then, she’ll show her man what she’s really made of.

If you can relate to these examples, please share your views with us in the comments section below.


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