Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About This Week | 7th January – 13th January 2019

By Maliha Khan | 7 Jan, 2019

Your weekly love horoscope is here


Acha ji, New Year New Me ka kissa finally khata ho chuka hai aur ab hum pyaar baray kissay shuru kar sacktay hai. If the last year brought you a lot of pain and suffering in your love life, let’s hope this year will be a little different.

Whether or not your year turns out to be a fairytale or a dark and gloomy existence, you can count on us to update you every week so stay tuned folks.



Relationship: Yaar why do good things always happen to you? You always have the best of luck, especially in relationships, and I’m a bit jealous. Sorry, sarnay ki boo thori ziada hai. I mean you and your partner have stuck it out and might I add are #relationshipgoals. Most people don’t have a happily ever after, but you are one of the few that will. Good luck on this journey filled with laughter and endless love my friend, you deserve it.

Single: Did you have a fun time mingling on New Year’s, well if you did, that mingling is going to pay off this week. You may have made a “special” friend that night and now this “special” friend is ready to go on a proper date with you. Get your best outfit ready, because the love train is coming to get you.




Relationship: You’ve had a solid relationship, but one key ingredient was missing. Now let me just warn the haram patrol should stop reading now or else you’ll get offended. The key ingredient missing is intimacy. Sharing a meaningful, physical moment is the answer to your relationship problems, so give it a go. You have nothing to lose (well you might) but at the end of the day, this will bring you two closer than ever before, literally!

Single: Girl (or boy) make the damn move already. Your crush wouldn’t know you have a thing for them if you fell out of the sky and right on top of them. They are oblivious to love and relationships, so just go for it, you’ll thank me later boo.




Relationship: Venus is in town and here to stay for a while, so your love life is about to get a whole lot better. All of your past relationship troubles are about to solve themselves and you won’t even have to lift a finger (I suggest you put in some effort though). Count your blessings this week, because you are going to be submerged in everything love related. I don’t want to hear you complain this week at all, got it?

Single: If you’ve been working on getting closer to someone then this week is the week things are going to finally take a turn and that too for the better. Your crush or even a friend might become more and you can’t be happier.





Relationship: Your relationship is not like those love movies where the lovers get butterflies in their stomachs and have kinky fantasies about each other, rather your relationship is built on reality and has a solid foundation. Don’t get discouraged, there’s nothing wrong with that but you might just have to go the extra mile to add some spice into your life. Keep it real and really spicy.

Single: Stop living in a world that’s full of unicorns and rainbows, because this world is not perfect. Learn to live in the real world first, then go out hunting for a soulmate.




Relationship: The lone lion finally has a companion but still can’t seem to get into the flow of a relationship. You have been longing to find a soulmate and not that you have you can’t seem to get adjusted. Your mind is in all of the wrong places, you need to stop thinking of yourself as the alpha in the relationship and understand that a relationship is supposed to be equal. Being a joru ka ghulam ya a doting wife is not going to make you less of a person, change your views please…

Single: You’re too controlling and “make” things happen way too often, so hold your horses. Let love come to you rather than chasing after it, because you’re going to be running for a long time, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.




Relationship: Looks like you have some big plans up your sleeve and this is the week you will finally get to see them unfold. Whether you have been working on buying a new house or property, or you are looking to make a big investment, this is the week you get to see that play out. This is the first “big” thing you are doing as a couple, so congratulations on this step.

Single: Dates on dates on dates. This week you will be spending a lot of money on dates with your potential significant other and this person will show their true colors this week. They don’t want you, they just want what you can offer them, so get out there real quick.




Relationship: You and your partner have reached a breaking point. The love is still there, but you have been going back and forth for a while now and things don’t seem to be looking too good. Yeh chalta rehta hai toh parashaan na hona meray dost. The emotions are being displaced and neither one of you is to blame for that. Don’t give up now, wait it out a bit until things cool down.

Single: You always get mistreated by the people you are interested in and the pattern needs to stop now. You deserve more than an asshole so stop going for them. Allow a friend or family member to hook you up with someone and you might be pleasantly surprised.




Relationship: Since you like the finer things in life, you seem to forget not everyone is like that. You have been spending copious amounts of money on your loved one and to be frank, they can give less of a shit. Having you around is more than enough to make them happy. Instead of a whole bouquet of roses, one rose would be enough to bring a smile to your partner’s face because you brought it to them.

Single: The last person you thought would make your life feel whole is the person that is making you the happiest you could ever feel. You are so thrown by surprise, you can’t even contain your happiness and you don’t need to. Love is love, so why hide it?




Relationship: Yoooo… I just found out Venus is visiting you too. Venus is giving you the glow in all of the right places and you look as beautiful as ever, no wonder your partner can’t seem to keep their hands off of you (whether you’re a girl or guy, no sexism there). Even though you have been radiating, you are even more beautiful on the inside than the outside and damn don’t we all wish we could be you right now.

Single: You’re a goddess and you know it, so please don’t let anybody dull you. Sparkle away!




Relationship: Oh boy, do you need a break from your partner. He/she has been driving you up a wall and have been getting under your skin. The best advice that I can give you is just take a freaking break. There is no harm in asking for some personal space or just wanting to be by yourself. Next time they start to annoy just repeat after me: “Chalo bhago!!!”

Single: Secrets are no fun when you are the only one that knows. Open up about the special someone in your life, because hiding out seems like you are lying to your friends and family. They are going to accept him or her just as much as you do.




Relationship: You partner is going to be brutally honest this week and you are not going to be a fan of his/hers this week. You know they are completely right, but their words are going to cut right through your heart. Don’t let yourself be too hurt by their words or actions because they don’t truly mean what they are spewing out.

Single: Your crush has the same feelings as you so don’t be afraid to express them. They have true feelings for you so let’s join forces and make it a thing.




Relationship: You and your partner are always in it together and this week it will be no different. You are working your way towards your ideal career goal and you are so close. Allow your partner to help you achieve the dreams you have been dreaming. They are the diamond in the rough and you have picked them at just the right time, so kuddos to you.

Single: Yaar apnay dosto ki jaan chordo, they are not capable of hooking you up with the right person. This week’s theme has been to let love come to you rather than chase it and it’s no different for you.


That’s it for this week, how accurate was your love life this week according to your zodiac?


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