13 Interesting Personality Traits Aries People Will Never Tell You About Themselves

By Momina Mindeel | 20 Mar, 2017

If you are a late March or an early April baby, your birthday month is just around the corner. And boy do we have some serious stereotypes against the Aries folks.

Here are a few characteristics about your star sign aka Aries that you would rather not reveal:


1. Aries are real hard workers.

They’d work day in, day out if they have to, in order to achieve their set goals.

Via Tumblr


2. They usually don’t get affected too quickly if the going gets tough

Unlike Cancerians, for example.

Source: IRK Films


3. They harbor the utmost desire to learn everything that there is to learn in the world

Source: Six Sigma Plus


4. They are the ultimate jack of all trades, they’re actually good at everything they try their hand at

Via: Tumblr


5. They are always smiling through the hard times.

Each one of them is like a little ball of happiness.

Via: Tumblr


6. Aries sometimes tend to be super talkative that can get a little… you know (how do I put it subtly?)… annoying 

Via: Tumblr


7. They can get really excited about their passions

Via Tumblr


8. Once they decide to do something, they go all the way to accomplish it and they’ll be very focused in their tasks

Via: Tumblr


9. Aries can be pretty rigid sometimes with their opinions in general 

‘nahi, main sahi hun, baaqi sab ghalat hain’ 

Source: Giphy


10. They are the epitome of spontaneity and impulsiveness

Via: Tumblr


11. Because they’re too passionate about their goals and tasks that they can sometimes be insensitive towards other people’s emotional struggles

Via: Tumblr


12. And they may end up ruining or affecting their relationships and friendships

Source: Tumblr


13. Aries share their birthdays with some famous celebrities

Like Armeena Khan

Via: Tumblr


Reham Khan

Source: aaj.tv


Samina Peerzada

Source: bollywoodlife.com


And of course, Saba Qamar

Source: fashionelan.com


You do you, Aries.


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Cover Image via: bizasialive.com

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