13 Interesting Personality Traits You Probably Didn't Know About Aquarius Folks

By Astarte | 5 Feb, 2020

Aquarius folks, characterized by wit, lack of emotion and independence, are the most unique of the people. They go out of their way to attain things that they desire. They can go from being kind-hearted friends to dauntingly assertive mentors, within a span of 10 seconds.

Here are all the things that an Aquarian does not want you to know:


1. They open up with a few selective people only, who they expect to be completely unassuming and non-judgmental. 

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2. They are super possessive about the things they are passionate about. 

They just won’t let you chime in with your two cents about the things they should or shouldn’t do.

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3. They are the epitome of ‘live and let live’ and do not generally judge people based on their eccentricities. 

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4. Most of them are the wittiest of people on Earth. They can get away with saying politically incorrect things just because they are funny.

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5. They are brutally honest with the people they love.

Sometimes without any regard for your feelings.

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6. They are super adventurous and can prove to be the ultimate rebels if forced to do things they don’t like.

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7. However, they can be super lazy at the same time and would sleep in for days in, days out.

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8. They are generally very emotionally closed out.

They don’t let their emotions get to them which isn’t always a good thing, just by the way.

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9. They don’t let the society or people around them shape their opinions. They usually seek their own truth.

An Aquarian ain’t no conformer.

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10. Aquarius women are the quintessential strong, independent women who are quite aware of what they want. 

Source: ApolloProScreen Filmproduktion


11. Sarcasm for an Aquarian is a way of life. 

Koi bat seedhi tarah nahi kar sakte. 

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12. Alone time holds immense importance in their lives, even if they have to sacrifice their party time. 

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13. But whatever else, you can always count on them to make your life super fun. 

Source: ARY Films


What are your Aquarian friend’s traits?


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