Here's How This Pakistani Law Student Found Her Passion While Baking Delicious Desserts

By Haadia Paracha | 21 Nov, 2016

Many law students would agree, studying the law is a one-way ticket to endless case readings and all-nighters. However, to avoid being stuck in the same monotonous routine, you have to make time for your hobbies (to avoid going completely senile, might I add) which, chances are, can also translate into your passion.

That is exactly what happened to this 22 year-old baker, photographer, writer and law student.


Mahrukh Humayun is a Pakistani, based in Australia, currently pursuing LLB. She also runs an Instagram blog dedicated to her decadent baking.

Source: Mahrukh Humayun
Source: Mahrukh Humayun

As an extension of her ramblings, writings and thoughts on topics she feels strongly about, Mahrukh first ventured into starting a blog “The Law Student Diary” which later led way to her Instagram. As a means of documenting her travel expeditions and foodie experiences along with occasional baking on a whim, the Instagram account took a life of its own; now, being a hub of creative expression along with recipes and the shared love of baking.


“I grew up catching odd episode of Nigella Lawson coming back home from school. I would be completely mesmerized watching her whip up fluffy chiffon cakes to delectable chocolate mousses with the grace of a ballerina”, Mahrukh Humayun shared with MangoBaaz.

Source: Mahrukh Humayun


After gathering the necessary courage, armed with a whisk and spatula,  Mahrukh set out to change the course of the baking world. But everything wasn’t sunny side up just yet. Recounting one of her first experiences to MangoBaaz, she says, “Once, I had completely forgotten to add eggs into the cake batter. Only after placing the cake tin into the oven did it occur to me that two lovely eggs were still sitting on the kitchen counter. I immediately rushed to take the steaming hot cake tin out, quickly mix in the eggs whilst praying my parents would not realize my foolishness. Let’s just say, some cakes are best seen not eaten.”

Source: Mahrukh Humayun


Contrary to popular belief, baking isn’t a smooth ride, with Instagram-worthy results right away. The journey is paved with many a highs and lows, just like any other passion or profession.

“There have been times when macarons have tasted bland, cupcakes have been inedible or buttercreams have split. If there’s one thing that I can guarantee, it’s that this is all a learning process and a little bit of science, one learns not to lose hope and keep persistently trying. My family is the best of critics. Their brutal honesty, though it might be hard to ‘digest’ at times, benefited me in improving my baking one step a time.”


Mahrukh considers the smells, the sights and sounds, the world around her so to speak, as her source of inspiration for baking. 

“I avidly devoured cookbooks of Nigella Lawson, Martha Stewart and Pooja Dhingra just to name a few.  It was only upon the encouragement of my wonderful family and friends, did I start taking the odd orders every now and then to bake cupcakes and cakes.”

Mind you, she makes a delectable and moist red velvet cake with vanilla bean frosting. Seems like she’s definitely enjoying this sweet, buttery and fluffy ride.

Source: Mahrukh Humayun

Besides baking, Mahrukh is the connoisseur of over-sized watches and striped shirts, currently working and studying full-time. The choice to study law was motivated by her desire to engage in diplomacy and international relations. One may be quick to jump the gun and assume that inspiration was taken from Amal Clooney. However, this was long before the times of Amals, Hilarys and Malala’s. She sees herself working within the legal sector and managing the baking side of things.

With what started as posting baked work on Instagram, things have taken off fairly well. Moving forward to a blog, who knows where the road takes her: Maybe a YouTube channel? Recipe book? The ideas are endless.


We will now leave you with some of her most lip-smacking creations. Here’s to hoping you’re not on a diet:

Happy drooling!


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Source: @mahrukh94 Via: Instagram


You can follow Mahrukh’s work here and here.

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