The 13 Friends You've Definitely Had in Your Life

By Maryam Cheema | 15 Nov, 2015

Friends are the kind of beings that are the pieces of your own puzzle scattered around. They join your life at different stages but on together they complete you. But there are some specific kind of people you all befriend and you just cannot NOT have come across them.

So here are the 13 friends you’ve definitely had in your life:


Your personal therapist

Your crush is ignoring you? Are you flunking in a subject? Khaandani siasat? No matter what the problem is, this friend has a solution advice for every situation. You might have to bribe them with a shawarma or a coffee from time to time.

Source: Tumblr


The mufta party

You would never want to hang out for long with this kind of friend, believe you me. Your money and food is a total magnet to these kind of people. So basically they’re a friend of your wallet more than they are yours.

Source: Tumblr


The one with a DSLR

Yaar bhai ki ek chikni DP tou kheench de” , are your words to this friend. If you have this friend, never leave him, I repeat, never. He/She might be your wedding photographer and did I mention they come for free?

Source: Tumblr


The Ditcher

You make an awesome hang out plan, call everybody, settle things and just on the 11th hour would call this friend will call and say, “yaar wo ammi ko grocery kay liay le kar jana hai” or “yaar permission nahin mili”. This friend should be literally sentenced to death if this is what commitment means to them.

Source: Tumblr


Forever alone

You would never ever find this friend with a “shoulder to cry own”. Once a loner always a loner.

Source: Tumblr


The jazbaati friend

You can probably not have some of the above mentioned kinds but this particular kind of a friend is inevitably present in every squad. Always ready for a heated argument, hyper active for an adventure and always spilling the beans. Our very own jazbaati dost. *rolling eyes*

Source: Tumblr


The jugat baaz

No matter what the situation is, this friend would manage to pull off a leg breaking joke. At times you feel that this person can compete for the world’s lamest joke cracker.

Source: Tumblr


The party animal

Passed a failing exam, got a new haircut, pet gave birth to babies or a successful breakup, this friend just wants an excuse to party and break loose on all of the world’s hideous dance moves. *tch tch tch*

Source: Tumblr


The one friend with always a hell broken loose

You would always find them complaining about something, always!

Source: Tumblr

“OMG I just got a cough, this is probably the symptom of lung cancer and Iam dying, what is this world going to do without me?” Would be a better place without you, that’s all.


Sarcasm God

This friend literally has a higher sarcasm level than his/her IQ level. They have such a perfect bond with sarcasm that they could humiliate you without even letting you realize what just happened and you would probably even thank them for the amazing compliment they gave you.

Source: Tumblr


The Frenemy

This friend would claim to be your best friend but would always be plotting something against you. This is a backstabber so beware!

Source: Tumblr


The Geek

Ah! This fiend is about nothing but studies, grades and a flamboyant IQ level. You use them during exam time or when at restaurants you need the complicated calculation of splitting the bill 😛

Source: Tumblr


Your Jigarrrr

Your main squeeze, your constant that you always have by your side no matter what. The family like main and a life support system. Yes, that jigar.

Source: Tumblr


Friends are all just the reflections of what we are and believe you me only these people help us grow and bring out the best in us. So keep them close always and never let go off them.


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