This is How Every Pakistani Couple Talks With Each Other

This is How Every Pakistani Couple Talks With Each Other

This is How Every Pakistani Couple Talks With Each Other

The fact that dating has become an integral part of Pakistani culture may not sound astonishing to some but for our amis and abus, the mere discussion of a potential boyfriend may result in raised eyebrows or a shower of chappals on your head.

But thanks to cell phones, relationships have become easier. So much easier that boyfriends and girlfriends text updates of each second, all day, to they significant other. So Mangobaaz brings to you the typical conversations that these janus have with each other:


The good morning ritual

So, the day kick starts with a cheesy good morning message which will most probably start with a ghazal or a romantic quote or two, with a good morning. Which, by the way, is not a usual font because writing that is understandable by normal people is too mainstream.
Source: Tumblr


Texting over breakfast

 We will skip the conversation that happens in between because the couple literally shares the details of each and every second. You don’t wanna hear it. So jumping to the breakfast, firstly a picture of the breakfast will be exchanged. This will be followed by ‘janu i made this’
aww janu mujhe bi khila dou‘ all this while poor breakfast that is still lying on the plate, waiting to be gobbled.
Source: Tumblr

The daily selfie exchange

 While continuing with the convo, yes convo, that commenced at 6 in the morning, the guy/ girl will seat themselves in the car, click a gazillion selfies and start sending them to each other (only the perfect ones will be shared, obviously).
Source: Tumblr

‘Once you reach uni’ convo

 ‘Chalo ab mei uni pohanch gayi. Yeh dekhein aaj kitna rush hai uni kay bahir.’ The convo will begin like this and until the time the girl/ boy steps into the university or work, a minute by minute commentary of the whole scenario will be done over the phone call.
Source: Tumblr

Of course, updates during class are extremely important too

 Here comes the melancholic part as there’s a restriction to using mobile phones in the class. ‘Bye janu. Class kay baad baat hoti hai.Will mish you. Love you. Zada miss na karna. Thori dair mei baat kartay hain………’ and it continues. For heaven’s sake it’s a 2 hours class. Itnay lambay lecture notes bana liyay hotay tou kuch ban jata.
Source: Tumblr

Conversation when you come back home from you day’s activities

 ‘I am back’
‘Oh janu, I mished you. Kaisi thi meri janu ki class? Zada parha tou nahi? Mera tou kaam per dil hee nahi lag raha tha baby kay bagair.’ And this cheesy conversation knows no bounds.
Source: Tumblr

When you’re in bed and still not ready to sleep

 ‘Aj janu ka din kaisa tha?
Bohat acha per kaafi thak gayi.
Awww baby take some rest. Chalo sho jao.
Din kaisa tha?
Source: Tumblr
Every night the couple will come up with new names for the kids who are ages away from coming into the world, honeymoon destinations will be decided and a couple of fights will take place.

When you’ve had a fight

Jaein mei aap say baat nahi karti.
Awww janu naraz hai? Kiya karoon janu ko mananay ka liyay?
Apparently, the other half is pissed at the janu but the opportunity to reply to every single message will not be wasted. The couple will end up agreeing on a common ground. And the issue will be resolved.
Source: Tumblr

When you finally decide to go to bed

 Here comes the toughest part of the whole story. It will not just be a GOODNIGHT but a string of goodnight messages.
Chalo janu so jao.
Nahi abi baat karni hai.
Pehlay aap so
Nahi pehlay aap
Nahi aap
Source: Tumblr
This ‘aap pehlay so‘ conversation will continue for another 2-3 hours and there’s no way of telling if any of the two is annoyed at all.
Eventually, they will both go to sleep and at 6 in the morning the cycle will repeat itself.

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