Famous & Filthy Lahori Eateries like Cafe Zouk In Deep Shit

By Ali Gul | 10 Jul, 2015

The Punjab Food Authority has done a great job in showing the true face of famous eateries that are not maintaining their food standards. Now that these places have been exposed, we are hoping that eateries fix up their act. While this is our second compilation of disgusting places to eat, we are still shocked. If you haven’t checked out the previous list, please click here.


1. Cafe Zouk

zouk1 zouk3 zouk4 zouk5 zouk6 zouk8

I guess I need to find a new favorite restaurant. The famous restaurant in M. M. Aalam Road Gulberg has been fined due to spoiled vegetables, expired bread, improper cleaning and dirty floors.


2. Lahore Chatkhara

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 1.21.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 1.20.09 PM

Lahore Chatkhara in Johar Town was heavily fined due to dirty food contact surfaces, dirty dishes and unhygienic conditions. No wonder we get chatkhara shits after that papri chat.


3. Butt Karahi & Tikka Shop

butt1butt5  butt3 butt2

This place is considered a gem in Gawal Mandi Food Street. However, the restaurant was sealed due to having a dirty washing area – the washroom being inside the kitchen and leftover cooked meat in freezers.


4. Sam Fried Chicken & Pizza

sam1sam9 sam8 sam7  sam4 sam3

The restaurant in Firdous market has decent pizzas; however, it has been sealed due to dirty freezers, poor premise and personal hygiene. Expired or aged cheese can be considered a delicacy.


5. Arabian Delights


People love their bakhlawas but these people had to ruin it for everyone by having their production unit fined for improper washing facilities. Where will people find some clean bakhlawas now???


6. Doce Bakery & Sweets

Doce1 Doce2 Doce3

Not as bad as some of the other restaurants, Doce Bakery & Sweets only had their pizza section in the Wafaqi Colony Branch sealed due to using expired sauce, milk and other items. Oh, also no soap for hand and utensil washing, plus food placed on floor.


7. Cafe Costa

cafecosta1 cafecosta4 cafecosta6 cafecosta2 cafecosta5 cafecosta7 cafecosta3

The cafe in Hussain Chok Gulberg is right above Cafe Barbera and was sealed due to poor premises, personal hygiene, and dirty freezers. Let’s hope Cafe Barbera is doing a better job.


8. Riwaaj Restaurant Food Street

Riwaaj1 Riwaaj2 Riwaaj3

The restaurant in the famous food street has been fined due to poor hygiene, dirty washing area, non compliance, uncovered food and no soap for washing.


9. Haveli Restaurant Food Street

haveli1 haveli2 haveli3 haveli4 haveli5

The famous restaurant with the beautiful view of Badshai Masjid has been sealed. The reason being poor premise/personnel hygiene, dirty washing area, non-compliance, no medicals, no soap for washing of utensils, no food license. Moreover, an FIR was filed against the owner and 2 persons were  arrested. Shiiiiiiit.


10. KFC

kfc1kfc6  kfc5 kfc4 kfc3 kfc2

Their food quality has actually improved; however, they too are culprits of hygiene. So, not only is their food full of unhealthy fat but also unhygienic. It’s hard to believe that an international brand also hasn’t maintained their quality standards.


11. Al-Nakhal Restaurant

alnakhal3 alnakhal2

Al-Nakhal Restaurant Race Course was heavily fined due to suffocation in kitchen, poor premise/personnel hygiene, and uncovered raw/cooked food items in freezer.


12. Garatto

Garatto1Garatto8 Garatto7 Garatto6 Garatto5 Garatto4 Garatto3 Garatto2

The Garatto in Liberty Market Gulberg was sealed due to poor premise hygiene, food items directly placed on the floor, and for using rancid oil.


13. Well Beans Cafe & Grill

wellbeans1wellbeans10 wellbeans9 wellbeans8 wellbeans7 wellbeans5 wellbeans3

The restaurant in Johar Town has been given a final warning and they have received a heavy fine due to poor premises/personnel hygiene.


14. Polo Lounge


One does not expect such things from a high end restaurant…


There are many other restaurants that have been caught by the Punjab Food Authority including Pizza Hut. We will make sure to keep you folks up to date. It is really important to fine and close down places which don’t deliver what they promise. Cleanliness is our right!

Sources used: Punjab Food Authority, PakistanTodayDaily Motion, journalistinmakingeatoyeDawn
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