7 Famous Pakistani Celebrities Who Took Disturbing Selfies

By Ali Gul | 8 Jul, 2015

Millennials, those born between 1980 and early 2000s, are defined by many things. Unfortunately, one of those things will be selfies which has led to many dubbing us the “selfie generation.” But millennials aren’t the only ones going crazy with selfies – everyone is.  And while most selfie addicts are harmless and cause the occasional eye roll, some people take it to another level. One example we all saw this week was Komal Rizvi. She’s not the only selfie offender though. So a question arises: what are some of the most disturbing selfies taken by Pakistanis?


1. Komal Rizwi being herself

Source: tribune

Meanwhile, Edhi’s thinking “da fuk? i’m trying to rest. stop taking pictures and sing something nice for me.”


2. The romance of Lala and Selfie Shehzad

Source: kooza

This could be a romantic scene from a bollywood movie.


3. Altaf Bhai’s sexy pout

Source: twitter

How can something so big fit into a selfie?


4. Umar Akmal making the shit face

Source: twitter

Can’t get over his sensual, spectrum, colorful eyes. Eye to eye.


5. Sheikh Rasheed in a not so “awww” moment.

Source: twitter

What’s the white dot on his mustache?


6. Another one of Mehvish Hayat, the “Queen of selfies”

Mehwish Hayat LizardSource: Ary

Taking a selfie to remember how she looks with her eyes closed.


7. Meera and Naveeeed

Source: webpk

No comments.


As an added bonus, here are some pictures we found around the internet as people trolled Komal.

k1 k2 k3 k4k15k13k12k11k10k9k14k8k7k6
Troll images sources: brandsynarioGreen MemesSarcasmistan & The Olaad Movement


Don’t we all love the things people do on the internet.

On a serious note, let’s wish Edhi a quick recovery. Pakistan needs you Edhi sahib!


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