Fans Are Pissed After Former Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed Is Being Used As Water Boy In England Test Right Now

By Sarmad Amer | 7 Aug, 2020

Sarfaraz Ahmed being used as water boy has made some fans very angry

The cricketing career of former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has been shrouded in quite a bit of controversy. Whether it is him using racist words for a South African player or whether it was him being called a suar. He has also been a part of lots of Karachi vs Lahore debates and the fact that he’s mocked and his competence was called into question, at times. Well, that whole attention on him ended when he was replaced last year as the captain of all forms of cricket for the national team. However, controversy has followed Sarfaraz all the way to England in the team’s first international series since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.


Sarfaraz Ahmed came on screen when he appeared, wearing the uniform that a “water boy” is supposed to


Some of the fans are definitely not happy about seeing former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed being used as a water boy


Many are quite pissed as they assume that using Sarfaraz Ahmed as a water boy, or the 12th player is akin to humiliating someone so senior in the game


They’re bringing up how Sarfaraz has won trophies in the past and is now reduced to a twelfth man role where he is being under-utilized


Indians took this opportunity to start making comparisons with their own team


Others are trying to reason that there’s nothing to worry about as no amount of work should be considered humiliating

People are even giving examples of other iconic cricketers, like Virat Kohli, who have also played the role of a water boy for their own teams so there’s no reason to feel humiliated or ashamed on behalf of Sarfaraz.


According to some fans, this is all part of the game and Sarfaraz Ahmed knows being a water boy is just one of the roles that a player can be assigned to

Honestly, this makes so much sense. Why feel ashamed in doing whatever role one is assigned to? Koi bhi kaam chota ya barra nahi hota.


Coach Misbah-ul-haq was asked about using Sarfaraz as the twelfth man and he said he has huge respect for Sarfaraz

Misbah said that there’s no reason to feel disrespected as every player has to help out in different roles and whoever is available to take on a role in a team, does that.

This ongoing series in England has brought some much needed respite for fans in Pakistan whose only topic of conversation had been the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, for quite some time. While Babar Azam was recently compared to Virat Kohli, it is interesting to see Sarfaraz also being compared to Kohli, albeit for different reasons.

What do you think about Sarfaraz Ahmed being used a water boy? Sound off in the comments below.


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